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What are the differences between the versions of The Uncorked Cellar?

  • "Cellar Mode" is a reduced functionality version
      The capability of Cellar mode is similar to what other cellaring software provides - a means to keep track of your cellar inventory - but you have to type everything manually and no wine information is included.
  • "Full mode" adds
    • Wine guide containing winemaker notes, retail value of the most recent vintage and the winemaker's estimate of when each vintage will reach it's peak
    • Barcodes for a large range of wines
      • Scan the barcode on the bottle to display the most recent vintage of that wine, then select the appropriate vintage.
    • Web Cellars to view your cellar via the internet - either on another PC or your mobile device. You must be a current subscriber to access this service.
    • Much less typing when adding wines
      1. select the country,
      2. type a few letters of the winery name, then
      3. click on the wine and
      4. click on the up-down arrow next to the vintage field to select the vintage.

    • Notes, estimated peak, value etc are automatically displayed for you ready to add that wine to your cellar so it provides MUCH easier and faster wine selection than other products.
    • Use with a barcode reader is even easier - select the country then scan the UPC code on the bottle.
  • "Full mode plus" adds a subscription to updates and feature improvements we make the current version and next. We provide information updates in January and mid-year, with the January version also including feature improvements.
  • "Gold Mode" includes a subscription to all updates and feature improvements thru the 2015 version
  • "Silver" adds a Global Wine Stocks subscription to "Full Mode Plus". The values in our database are based on the retail price of the most recent vintage of wine as provided by winemakers. Global Wine Stocks allows you to estimate the value of wines in your cellar based on list, market or street pices. (see globalwinestocks.com for more info on their services)
  • "Platinum" adds a Global Wine Stocks subscription to "Gold Mode".
    • Adding a Global Wine Stocks subscription (to Full Mode or above) provides an integration with Global Wine Stocks for the following
      • Consensus wine critic ratings
        • View a Consensus rating graph for selected wines - collated ratings from 16 wine critics
      • Merchant Price Service to value wines in your cellar
          With a database of over 4,997,000 prices from 36,800 wine merchants, Global Wine Stocks provides an up-to-date valuation service for wines in your cellar based on list prices, street prices or auction prices.
      • Label Images

The most popular versions are "Gold" and "Platinum" Mode - as these provide discounted subscription rates.

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