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Frequently Asked Questions - Using The Scanner With Printable Tags

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How do I use the scanner with the printable tags?

Assigning numbers for your printable tags can be done with or without the barcode scanner.
Where the scanner used in conjunction with the tags REALLY becomes useful is when you are uncorking bottles

To setup ready to generate your tags,

1. On the "Add Wine to Cellar" page, Press the "Tags & Racks" button I am pointing below
Press Tags & Racks
2. Check the box "Automatically Allocate Tags" and "1 tag per bottle"
3. Enter a starting number as I am pointing to below, then clear the field marked "Last tag in batch"
I have entered a 7 digit number to make sure I never duplicate tag numbers and to ensure they are always the same length.
You can enter any text you like, but you should limit it to 12 characters or less, with the last 4 digits being numeric
Enter a starting number
4. Press OK

Now, whenever you add wines......
1. The program will automatically add a tag per bottle and pop up the virtual wine rack display as I have shown below
Adding wines
2. Press the button marked "Print Selected Tags", and it will popup a display like this
Print these tags
3. You can design your own layout on the label (by adding fields, or just dragging the ones already displayed by default), but for now, just press the button I am pointing to and it will allow you to print your tags for this wine.
4. After you have printed the labels, press OK etc to complete saving your new wine record
5. Attach the printed tags to your bottles and place them in your cellar

If you want to add tags to wines already in your cellar

1. Go to the Cellar page
2. Select the wine you want to add tags to by clicking on it
3. Press the button marked "Tags & Racks"
Tag & Rack Wizard
4. Press the button marked "Allocate Tags" and tags numbers will be allocated as shown below.
Allocate tags
5. Press OK

Once you have done that to your wines...... whenever you drink a bottle from your cellar, place the tag to one side, then when you get to update The Uncorked Cellar.....

1. Press the "Barcode" button - as I have shown below - to start the Barcode wizard
The barcode wizard
2. Press the "Tag" button to uncork wines via their tag
Scan the tag
3. Use the barcode reader to scan the barcode on the tag
The tag number number will appear in the "Wine Tag Barcode" field, and that bottle will be uncorked
4. If you do not have a barcode reader, type the tag number into the "Wine Tag Barcode" field, then press the "Uncork" button I am pointing to (below)
As you enter the tag number, you will notice the wine details displayed in the main Uncorked Cellar page
Scan the tag

Thats it - just repeat scanning each barcode on the wine tag to uncork more bottles

I suggest you use the sample cellar to practice so you know what to expect

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