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Exchanging Wine Information with Uncork

All links to us are most welcome and very much appreciated. To add a simple text link to The Uncorked Cellar on your web site ....

  1. Paste the following HTML in the HTML code of the page where you would like the link,
  2. Save and upload the web page.

Here is what the link looks like..

The Uncorked Cellar - Excellent wine information and wine collector software with a virtual rack display. Scan the barcode on the bottle to display information about that wine. Manage your wine collection, shown in table form and visual rack, including tasting notes.
Decanter called it good fun.

If you would like to use a banner, you may use this.. (right click, save as)


If you would like us to return a link to your wine related website, please add a link to us on your site, then fill in your details below

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Please note:

We only respond (and add links) to wine specific sites who link to us or sell The Uncorked Cellar


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