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The Uncorked Cellar includes information on 16,000+ New Zealand wines. Names and other details of New Zealand wineries are also included. To enter details about your favourite New Zealand wine just click on the winery name. Download your FREE evaluation copy of this wine software here.

How long should you keep New Zealand wine in your cellar before it reaches it's peak?

Probably the most valuable wine advice included in The Uncorked Cellar is the wine cellaring guide. This guide has been provided by the respective Australian winemaker or winery. It indicates how long you can store your wine in perfect conditions and is specific to each vintage of each wine Where the winemaker has not indicated when their wine should be best to drink, The Uncorked Cellar provides an estimate* based on similar Australian wines from the same vintage produced in the same region.

In addition to the wine cellaring guide, The Uncorked Cellar also provides wine tasting notes provided by each winemaker, wine ratings and more

New Zealand Wine Regions

The major New Zealand wine wine growing regions are

Non Winery New Zealand Wine Information can also be found here

New Zealand Winery Links

Links to New Zealand Wineries on the web are listed in alphabetical order.

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NZ Winery sites

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