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Black Stump Wines
Riverton Railway Station
Riverton SA 5412

Established 1988
Cases/year: 400
Tim Mortimer
Ph: +61 0 415 971113
  The BST project commenced in 1988 with the first wines being a series from vintages 1990 - 1996, made with a kind of solero approach to enable longer barrel maturation time. Individual bottlings have been as little as 30 cases early on, and nowadays typically 200 - 600 cases. \\ Some of these wines are still being cellared by the winemaker and are drinking very well to the current day, still fresh and vibrant and in good condition under the original cork. Nevertheless they are still checked one by one by the winemaker and recorked before being sent out, unless specifically requested otherwise. \\ Recent bottlings include a couple more one - off wines from Pemberton WA (Wine \"8) and WA/SA. Wine \"9 contains some seven year barrel aged material. \\ A Clare Valley Viognier was Bottled in 2010 in a European style with a textural palate from aging on the lees. \\ A Nebbiolo is still barrel aging from the 2010 Vintage. Some 2011 Nebbiolo was Bottled early in 2012, some cases dry, and some off - dry. Also a new sweeter/savoury style of effervescent wine was made using Nebbiolo as a base with some Frontignac. This wine is called Nebbius and is universally popular at wine tastings.


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