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Step-by-step instructions to remove wine labels.

Pop the cork, drink the wine....
Now that you have enjoyed the wine and are ready to remove the label, make sure the bottle is dry; dust free and ideally at room temperature. then follow these easy steps:

1. Peel printed backing paper away from Label Remover by using the easy "starter strip" at the top of the Label Remover.
2. Place clear Label Remover, adhesive side down, evenly over the wine label on the bottle.
3 & 4. Rub over the entire surface of the wine label to adhere the Label Remover and remove any air pockets. Use your fingers or a hard smooth surfaced object, such as the back of a spoon, to rub the wine label surface. Pay particular attention to the wine label edge and any stubborn gold or silver foil on the label, rub these areas extra firmly and continuously.
5. Peel Label Remover away from bottle starting from one side or corner. The printed portion of the label should be adhering to the Label Remover, leaving a layer of paper on the bottle. If the Label Remover does not adhere or tears a portion of the wine label, place the Label Remover back over the bottle and rub the surface again. Now try peeling the label back from another side or corner of the Label Remover.

6. Once you have removed your wine label from the bottle using the Label Remover Kit, place the removed wine label back onto the Label Remover backing paper!

You now have a laminated wine label. You can place this onto a matt board and frame, place into a wine journal or scrap book, decorate your wine bar or cellar, or...

Wine Label Remover

Wine Label Removers are supplied in packs of 24.
Happy label collecting!!


Independent tests have shown that Label Removers will remove wine labels from 97% of all wine bottles tested. Label Removers do not remove the wine label from ALL wine bottles. If you have followed our easy steps and are still unhappy with the Label Removers, please return the unused portion for a full refund to:

PO Box 1391
Narre Warren MDC
Victora 3805

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