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When in Virtual Wine Rack Display, you can view multiple racks and show ....

Written by FamousWhy Editor:

" The Uncorked Cellar is a comprehensive Cellar management program and wine guide. It grants you instant access to information on a wide range of wines, including wine aging information and wine notes provided by the wine maker.
If you are a wine collector, you can easily manage and track your own collection.

It is very easy to add or select wines from your cellar with just a few clicks and view the location of your wines in the virtual rack display and even view the original location of the wine on the Winery Map (the software uses Google Maps for this feature).

When in Virtual Rack Display, you can view multiple racks and show where every bottle in your collection is stored; you can drag and drop your bottles from one rack location to another, and even customize each rack for shape and size
You can communicate with other wine tasters or collectors through The Uncorked Cellar winemaker's notes and record wine reviews.

The Uncorked Cellar will easily capture, maintain and display your inventory complete with all related information. It will inform you when each wine in your cellar will be best to drink.

It can estimate the value of your wine cellar based on any of your purchase price, your valuation, estimated retail valuation or market value from Global Wine Stocks.

You can choose one of three operating modes depending on how you wish to use

The Uncorked Cellar:

- Full mode - This mode combines the full-featured Uncorked Cellar with both Cellar Management and a built in Wine Guide.
- Wine Guide mode - This mode provides the Uncorked Wine Guide and includes all of wines that are in the Full Mode.
- Cellar mode - This mode provides Cellar Management and includes details all of wineries that are in the Full Mode.

The Uncorked Cellar lists approximately

- 70,000 UPC barcodes
- Over 27,000 wineries
- Over 116,000 wines
- Over 865,000 wine vintages

Why is The Uncorked Cellar famous?

The Uncorked Cellar is famous because it is the most comprehensive home wine cellar software and information database of its type available on the market. "

July 2010

Download the Uncorked Cellar free trial software from here


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