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For any wine enthusiast, The Uncorked Cellar provides you with all the information ....

Written by Filecat.com


Whether you are a wine seller, collector or adorer, you’ll love it. It’s a real wine encyclopedia at your fingertips, and you are the author. With just a click of the mouse, the information on every bottle of wine stored in your cellar will appear before you, at any moment you want it!

The Uncorked Cellar is a lot more than a local wine catalog. Although it can throw at you the details on any wine in your cellar right off, its real power unveils when it comes to managing the contents of your home wine collection.

How about drawing a picture of your cellar and stacking up the bottles in it the way they are set on your real wine rack? Now, take a bottle from the real cellar and move it by the barcode reader. The virtual wine rack will instantly update, plus you’ll have the complete information on that bottle, including its legend, aging information and other notes provided by the wine maker. Every half a year, new wine guides are made available, so you can keep your wine database fresh at all times. You can also add notes and tags to identify bottles by the mark. Choose to use pre-printed tags or create your own tags.

To get the whole picture of your wine collection, you can take advantage of the reporting feature. See how your collection grows or declines or how wines gain maturity and reach their peak and other information. Just follow the report wizard’s guide to select the information and appearance you’d like on your report.

The authors share your concerns on the security of your collection and have implemented security algorithms to guard your collection from unauthorized access or modification. And to help you get started, they’ve included a great Getting Started and How-To guides and links to related websites. "
July 2007

Download the Uncorked Cellar free trial software from here


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