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My client was really thrilled with the choice I researched and recommended for his new wine cellar software ...

Written by Pete Shears at www.best4beginners.com

" My client was really thrilled with the choice I researched and recommended for his new wine cellar software and in the same scenario in future Iíd not hesitate to recommend Uncork to other clients. Itís not the cheapest there is (price was a hurdle even with this client as he looked up the subscription cost separately on its own on their website), but for those who want a high-end serious product, I found it really intuitive to use right out of the box and, although Iím a computer professional trained to do so, I had no trouble answering my clientís numerous questions ďon the flyĒ. My client, on the other hand, is a computer beginner. And although he had several questions (many of which pertained to the trial limitation on price valuation, etc.) he also appeared comfortable by the time I left that heíd already mastered the same basic things heíd enjoyed doing on his old, now-obsolete cellar software. We both looked great with this client and he really enjoyed the lesson in its use.

Finally, and most important (to me), as a middle-aged guy, I remember back to what customer service used to be back when bread was 25 cents. I canít believe you took my clientís old database and converted it for us. Thank you so very much! Thatís the kind of support I found youíve personally provided throughout this and that I very rarely find anymore (thatís coming from a guy with a career in customer service).

My business is being built on solving problems and finding 'hidden gems' like Uncork. "

Pete Shears
June 2012

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