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I have been using Uncorked Cellar for many years ...

Written by Ron Powell
(in response to an email query from a prospective client who currently has the eSommelier wine inventory system .. ed)

" I have been using Uncorked Cellar for many years now in Windows. Am also testing the Mac (apple) version that will be released later this year.

I have found the system to be quite easy to use. I tend to not use some of the advanced features (I donít use the wine cellar graphic capability, nor do I use the bar coding capability at this time). One of the most significant benefits I get is to ensure I am drinking my wine before it goes past its peak. That is why I originally purchased the program. I use Full Mode, so cannot comment about the bar coding capability, but may take that plunge in the future. If I was loading a cellar from scratch, I would go that route.

When I built my cellar, I labeled the rows and columns of the racks like a spreadsheet. That is how I classify my bottle inventory. You can easily create user-defined fields to extend the information you may want to capture. I created a location field as well as a price (vs value) field. I also have subscriptions to wine ratings (I use Wine Spectator). The program can link directly to this and a number of other sources, as well as extended sources that help to value your cellar.

The best way to get a feel for the program is to download a trial version and load a few of your bottles. Suggest you view the video at the link below, and use the extensive help available in the program, if needed. I have still never found the need to go through the help, as the use of the program is intuitive.

Finally, the support you will receive from Uncorked Cellar is - in a word - outstanding. Brian (the author) is very responsive.

This is the best link to get a feel for the software: www.uncork.biz/wine-software.htm (watch the video and view the capabilities) "

Ron Powelll
March 2014

Download the Uncorked Cellar free trial software


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