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Are You a Wine Lover?

Written by: Igril Hristov at www.softplanet.com

Are you a wine lover? Do you have a wine cellar? No matter what the answer is you probably know that besides the two main types of wine - red and white, there are many more things that are related to wine. Century after century, many world famous wine makers offer their production to the world and to all wine collectors and connoisseurs. All they need is a way to put their wine cellar collection in order and create a detailed database of all items in it. If you are one of them, then you should sit for a while and take a look at The Uncorked Cellar.


  1. Create and manage wine in multiple cellars
  2. Multi user access
  3. Several cellar sort options
  4. Tabular printed reports
  5. Visual rack wizard
  6. Automated backup
  7. Plenty of wine information

This shareware software is one of the most comprehensive programs for wine information, inventory databases and wine cellar management. It is paid, but a free 14-day trial version can be downloaded and evaluated without any limitations.

Some of the app features are: creation and management of wine in multiple cellars; sorting your collection by name, value, location, etc.; access to lots and lots of wine information, locations, and so on.

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