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What others have said about The Uncorked Cellar.

  • "Just to let you know that your software is outstanding. I've already entered the information on about half of my 1,000 bottle wine cellar inventory. Your program has saved me dozens of hours of typing and has provided so much more information than I could ever provide myself. This is great also because my home wine cellar, now under construction, should be completed in about a month. I will tell all my colleagues about the Uncorked Wine Cellar. You have made it even more exciting to purchase, collect and drink fine wines. " ... Louis J. Ignarro (1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine - USA)
  • "Thanks for the prompt reply; glad I switched from the Robert Parker software.." ... Steve Ludeking (New Jersey USA)
  • "Uncork is so far advanced from my current software that I have much to learn as I read through the information." - Paul Devore (Encino, CA USA)
  • "Nice program, easy to use." - Bryan Martinez (Mokena, IL USA)
  • "At every party or gathering, everyone remarks at both the cellar AND your software (The Uncorked Cellar), I am the poster child for the system! You and the system have been great." - Steve Scott (Waco, TX USA)
  • " I am a very happy Windows customer of Uncorked... thanks for making such a quality product. ... I purchased full mode MAC version today. I like it... very much like the Windows version :) Thanks for the excellent support as I made this transition. And thank you for making a MAC version of the outstanding Uncork Cellar I have come to love and depend upon. Adios to Windows!" - Don Beaver (Chandler AZ USA)
  • "Thanks for keeping my cellar together! Without your hard work on developing this beauty I'd be sunk. Nothing else out there compares, and I am glad that I was one of your earlier (2004) adopters. My how things have evolved since then!" - Severn Goodwin (Great Barrington MA USA)
  • "If you were here we would uncork a bottle of wine. Thank you so much." - Cheryl Joseph (Wheeling WV USA)
  • "I'm a very satisfied customer and will continue to rave about your software especially now that it is available for OSX." - Victor Behar, MD (Durham, NC USA)
  • "I've come to really enjoy your product and hope to continue using for as long as I keep drinking wine" ... Greg Utesch (Iowa, USA)
  • "While I'm here - congrats on the cellar software. I probably only use a fraction of its capability but it serves me incredibly well." ... Tony Worby (Tasmania, Australia)
  • "Love the new choice on where to open the program (search, cellar, etc) – GREAT update." ... Steve Ross (New York USA)
  • "You have a Great Product!!" - Pat Marchionda (New Jersey, USA)
  • "LOVE this program!!" - Cheryl Haney (Ontario, Canada)
  • "Absolutely loving this program, even the wife can’t believe how clever it is, well done to the team at Uncork! " - Steve Hausman (New Zealand)
  • "I am loving the software. You've done a great job with it and I really appreciate how you keep it updated and how you do a great job in responding when I have needed help. I appreciate it. " - Larry Fox (Iowa, USA)
  • "I found the auto save backup and have restored it successfully. Great feature and yet another reason that I think the Uncorked Cellar is the best tracking option there is!" - John Reid (Ontario, Canada)
  • "By the way, the software is fantastic, I finally have my cellar under control." - Guillermo Alonso (Gijon, Spain)
  • "You are the best! Your response time to fix issues is unparalleled and surpasses by far the normal response of “the fix will be in the next release”. Your client service remains outstanding. You would do well to manage and improve some of the large software companies out there." - Manuel Guterres (El Paso, TX USA)
  • "Well done on the 2013 version - its great." - Jim Jannes (Dulwich Australia)
  • "Really like the Web Cellar capability. Works on my IPhone." - Michael Fritze (Reston Virginia USA)
  • "Still the best deal and so easy to use.... I am a long time user the Uncorked Cellar, and over those years I have looked at and tested other wine cellar programs some free, but I've found the ease of adding wines, updating and tracking of maturity dates, all of which makes it fun to print out a wine list for dinner guests...." - Ray Steiner (Scottsdale Arizona USA)
  • "Thanks very much for the prompt response. Wow, time flies when you're having fun. I just purchased the 2013 version. The software is great, and well worth what you charge." - Bill Julio (Swansea MA USA)
  • "Your web app is brilliant! Just checked it out on my Samsung Galaxy Camera and it works well on Android." - Neil Johnson (NSW Australia)
  • "...the cellar software has been a real plus in organizing my cellar..." - John Lewis (Butler PA USA)
  • "I have used your software for the last 4 years and think it is great, and have recommended it to several friends who also love to collect wine. As there are so many sites to purchase wine online, it has been very helpful to be able to access my wines when away from home." - Victor Behar, MD (Durham, NC USA)
  • "I have been a dedicated user for many years. I LOVE this program. And the level, speed, and quality of support when needed (which is rare) is beyond extraordinary. The Uncorked Cellar is worth every dollar and pays for itself in ease of use, flexibility, creativity, and user friendliness. Simply superb!!" - Randy Holliday (Camarillo, CA USA)
  • "BTW, I've tried several other programs to compare with yours, and I haven't found anything that compares favorably.... I use your software many times a week, including for picking a bottle for weekly tastings on Wednesday night and Friday lunch. I'm so glad I'm able to pick out the wines, sometimes based on their age. It's made my wine experience so much better. Thanks again." - David Price (California, USA)
  • "Can't tell you how much easier it is to deal with my cellar using your software. Thanks a million.
    Suggestion: Your help files should include an example on how to structure a “non-standard” racking layout. I got my information from one of the people who submitted an entry into your blog portion of the web site. It was very straight forward but does take a little paper and pencil designing before you start clicking the keys. If you do your initial design on a piece of “grid” graph paper the design on the screen goes really fast."
    - Bob Jones ( Saint Louis, USA)
  • "Thank you for your prompt and helpful response. Your software is outstanding and the customer service is absolutely the best I have ever received for any software application. You should write a book that is required reading for other companies." - Bob Pepper (California, USA)
  • "Thank you for all your help and support. I am very impressed with both the program and excellent customer service/support (the support ratings from other users drew me to your program in the first place). I will definitely be recommending this program to my friends." - Mario Mariasch (California, USA)
  • "It's great to know the support and response times live up to the testimonials!! Much appreciated." - Tony Worby (Tasmania, Australia)
  • "I love the software – it’s terrific. The best cellar management software I’ve ever come across!" - Richard Gardiner (Queensland, Australia)
  • "You guys have a great product and know how to sell, manage and support a software package. Very commendable for wine geeks!" - Manuel Guterres (Texas, USA)
  • "Congratulations to Brian and his staff. It has been exciting to see the vast improvements made over the three years we have been users." - Bob Pepper (California, USA)
  • " I compared Uncork with several other software programs and found that they do not have the versatility of Uncork - their methods for switching wines from one part of the cellar to another either don't exist or are very cumbersome. I've recommended Uncork to all my friends because I spend a fraction of the time they do in finding the bottles I want, in moving bottles around my storage units, and in knowing how much I have of each variety and vintage. This is all part of the pleasure I take in having a wine collection. Keep up the good work - I am a very happy subscriber!." - David Price (California, USA)
  • "You have THE BEST customer service anywhere. Since I first signed up in 2007 I have had issues from time to time and the response has been super quick and helpful.." - Steve Windom (Alabama, USA)
  • "Thanks for your quick response, and for the additional information about using wine types. I have been using your program for a week or two, and I'm very pleased with the flexibility and ease of use. I had previously used Winebase for many years, but his refusal to update his software to allow it to run under 64bit Windows forced me to look for an alternative. I'm sure glad I did. Your program is far superior in user friendliness and custom ablility." - Rich Mills (Texas, USA)
  • "Please make sure you send me a reminder when due, as I will certainly be renewing for another 5 years (unless you have a 10 year option :) Your software has served me well! Looking forward to your new browser enabled interface." - Neil Johnson (NSW, Australia)
  • "Once again, thank you for your help. I still believe this is a top notch app, and as I had previously built my own I know just what it takes to keep up the support." - Edward Hixon (Oregon, USA)
  • "Wow, I’m entirely unaccustomed to that sort of rapid response customer service. Thanks so much. I’m greatly enjoying your product and already have a friend using the trial version. You’re sure to see many more purchases from this quarter." - William Julio (Massachusetts, USA)
  • "I have used The Uncorked Cellar a couple of years now and I found it to be a great companion. As my cellar expands, I find it reassuring to have a system that keep track of my inventory and tons of information, as well as have the flexibility to form my reports as needed. Combined with excellent service from the developers and the fact that they listen to suggestions; Thank you guys, for a great job and the best cellar program there is." - Steven Robertsen (Norway)
  • "To say that I am positively impressed by your professionalism and customer focused approach would just be an understatement. In my professional work I frequently purchased software, applications and hardware valued at hundreds of thousands dollars and can say in all honesty that most of these company's service would not even stand in contrast to your impeccable customer oriented approach. ... Needless to say you have another happy new customer and fan" - Joe Cacopardo (Malta)
  • "Thank you so much for your quick response. Your suggestions worked. I think my problem was that I was working under the “Add Wine to Cellar” tab rather than the “Cellar” tab. Also, I really appreciated your help files where you gave samples of different rack configurations. Following your examples I was able to set up a rack that looked almost exactly like one of my triangular bin racks. Quite frankly it was a lot of fun designing it. I also took some time to look through all of the forum posts and was able to fill in a few blanks with respect to wondering just how things work. Pretty good for someone who does not really like to read manuals very closely. Thanks again for your help." - Bob Jones (Missouri, USA)
  • "Very impressive software..... Not only do you folks have a great product, you have great support." - Murray Robertson (Alberta, Canada)
  • "By the way, I think the program is great." - John Sandstrom (Washington, USA)
  • "Brian was VERY HELPFUL answering several emailed questions I sent last weekend. His knowledgeable & timely answers made the sale for Uncorked Cellar." - Bruce Brownlee (Florida, USA)
  • "I am an avid Canadian fan of The Uncorked Cellar and have shown a number of my friends how well it works..." - Brian Dunford (Ontario, Canada)
  • "I continue to appreciate your thoroughness, professionalism, and courtesy with your service and unbelievable responsiveness;, and wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone in need of an excellent wine inventory and cataloging system..." - Tom Giles (Mississippi, USA)
  • "The new version is great, and I now have 2 cellars on line that are accessible from this Android phone. What a great feature. ... Visitors to my wine cellar are amazed that it can do so much and is so easy to use. I met a friend yesterday at one of my favorite wine shops and both he and my shop manager were amazed at the mobile cellar on my phone.." - Robert Bowling (Dallas, TX, USA)
  • "I want to thank you for the time you extended to me to discuss and educate me on your program. I am now up and running and love it. Thank you! After we hung up, I realized that I did not ask you if I owed you anything for your time or the call. Please let me know. I cannot tell you how helpful the time was. Thanks again." - Dan Cote' (Snohomish, WA, USA)
  • "We live in Brisbane right on the river in a large apartment complex which was seriously flooded in January. We had over 15m of water in our carpark and store room levels for over 5 days. Our store room including the wines were totally inundated. After pumping out and cleaning up the mess all the wine was undamaged but we lost a lot of labels. Fortunately I had most tagged with your great plasticized labels, which got a little muddy but remained clear so we know what it all was. I thought that you might be interested as it is a great product even after 5 days under water!" - Prof. Edgar Gold, AM, CM, QC, PhD, FNI (Brisbane, Qld, Australia)
  • "Just to let you know - everything worked great. I'm back up and registered and the Excel spreadsheet repopulated my cellar, so all I need to do is update the changes in my wines since my computer went down and I'm good to go once again. Thanks so much for all your help and for such a great product. I really appreciate everything.... I've aleady told several people about your product as well. I wouldn't recommend it highly to other friends if I didn't think it was great.." - Wayne Edwards (Virginia, USA)
  • "I track a large wine cellar for a client, and the new report options really help make everything look tailored and professional. As well, I like the ability to use my company logo. But, frankly, I am so impressed with your software, I just leave the "The Uncorked Cellar" logo in place on my reports.
    Second.... as indicated above -- and in general, I have used your program about a year and I think you have the best wine tracking software available. There are many other nice programs or apps out there with one or two good features that are very useful. But, in my opinion, your software is the most comprehensive and most professional -- the best overall.
    Accordingly, many, many thanks for what I am sure is a lot of work. Your customer service is great. The program features are great (I love the visible racks). And, I love that, at its core, The Uncorked Cellar is a database program from which you can work with it in any format that you want (spreadsheet, database, cloud, etc.). Again, many thanks, Mr. Allen, and best of success."
    - Bob H. (Chicago, IL, USA)
  • "I have Uncorked cellar installed and my cellar transferred. Thanks so much for the help, it seems to be working now. Great to get such good tech support." - John Roberts (Delaware, USA)
  • "Thanks! My wife and I are reloading our collection. It's small, only about 350 bottles but your software really makes it fun and it's pretty easy to use.." - Tim Byrd (Ohio, USA)
  • "Everything works swell! Thanks for making a quality product and for the support." - Burke Thomas (Oklahoma City, USA)
  • "Thanks for the quick reply. I will look at the scanners over the weekend.... And, I would definitely get it from you as that way I know that it works. Plus, you are always there to help. Your response and service is unbelievable. I really appreciate it." - Don Harvey (Florida, USA)
  • "I've been a long-time supporter of your software. Just a quick note to tell you the latest vintage is the best one yet. Love the new features." - Peter Spoto (NSW, Australia)
  • "THANK YOU! Best customer service EVER!!!!" - Pam Gregory (California, USA)
  • "Not a computer guy but love your software." - Robert E. McCarter (Texas, USA)
  • "An added bonus of acquiring your software was the benefit of getting acquainted with you in the process. I will never forget and often tell the story of the time when I had a "crash" in my software, and following my email to you in which I "panicked" over the prospect of losing all my data, you called me all the way from "down under" to personally walk me through and reinstall all that time consuming data. Your thoroughness, professionalism, and thoughtfulness; has been a refreshing and delightful business/personal experience." ... Tom Giles (Georgia, USA)
  • "Wow - Brian - thank you very much for your timely and informative response - it reafirms my decision to use your software and do business with your company." - Paul Mowbray (Ontario, Canada)
  • "By the way, I've put about half my wines in so far and am starting to get a feel for the program. The entry of a wine is very easy and the link to the database excellent. Congratulations." - Geoffrey Shambrook (Florida, USA)
  • "I am really liking the program." - Rick Kahler (South Dakota, USA - previously a user of the Robert Parker software)
  • "User-friendly software with the options and updates needed to effectively manage a wine cellar is one part of the equation. The other is software support. I have found both in the Uncork System. Because I was not graced with the virtue of patience, I want to speak directly with someone rather than search through hours of Frequently Asked Questions in order to solve a software problem. When I did have a situation with accessing my files and contacted Uncork, the result was excellent. Someone responded straight away and assisted me over the phone in achieving a solution." - Michele (Germany).
  • "Thanks. You guys are sure great to deal with. I love your software.." - Terry Miller (British Columbia, Canada)
  • "Thanks for your continuing assistance with my favorite computer program." - Jerry Ament (California, USA)
  • "This is a great system that helps my stock control and vintage selection. The bar code reader makes entering a quick and fool proof action." - Ray Brooks-Hider at The Wine Press (Hawkes Bay, NZ)
  • "Thanks! Your program has more than lived up to its advertising!" - Doug and Deborah Blackman (Nevada, USA)
  • "Thank you so much, I absolutely love your database and don't know what I'd do without it!! You provide the very best customer service, above and beyond anything I've seen anywhere else." - Lisa Ahrens (Washington, USA)
  • "Thanks, Brian. You guys do a great job of communicating. I will install the (update) later this week. I appreciate your help as always." - Ray Stafford (Texas, USA)
  • "Your product support has been perfect...unheard of reminders about paid for upgrades and reminders about passwords and codes etc." - Jason McNamee (Victoria, Australia)
  • "Hi Ian, Just wanted to tell you what a difference it makes having Uncorked to tell me what wine we do and don’t have. We’re going to Victoria next weekend and wanted to make a stop at Everything Wine so I prepared my shopping list using Uncorked. Thanks again for pointing me towards it and for help in setting it up. Joan." - Email to Ian Smith (Vancouver Island, Canada)
  • " I've enjoyed the software for several years now. I have about 390 bottles and it certainly helps me keep the peak year in mind, as well as plan my purchases for peak in the out years." Tim Coon (New York, USA)
  • " I would like to thank you for providing us wine lovers with a really great software program with which to manage our cellars. I think it is terrific and have recommended it to similarly inclined friends. I first became aware of it from my daughter in Dallas who has a 3000 bottle cellar compared to my meager 350-400. Nonetheless your software adds to the fun." Victor Behar (North Carolina, USA)
  • "I just love your Uncork software, couldn't find any of my wine without it!!! I recommend you to all my friends... I've been using your software since 2008. I have a 500-bottle wine cooler with racks that are 2 bottles deep, so I would never know what wine is the one in back. Your software not only allows me to find any bottle, it also has been invaluable in deciding when is the best time to drink a wine to catch it at its peak!! Can't say enough about Uncork and the wonderful people who support it. Thanks so much for all your help. " Lisa Ahrens (Washington State, USA)
  • "I thought I'd contact you about Uncorked. I've been using your app a lot more recently. I've finally managed to finish a more permanent cellar for my 600+ bottles. I really appreciated the fact I could enter nearly my entire cellar and bring it up to date without touching the keyboard. I run your app on a dedicated Acer Netbook with 16gig of solid state storage - no moving parts and no heat. I also connected an external 17" LCD monitor to get more screen real estate In the rest of my house I access the application from my Macs using the built in remote desktop app in OS X while running VNC server on the netbook. There's more than enough performance on the netbook to handle this set-up.You can also access this via an iPhone and I'm sure an iPad (haven't got one yet). The set up might appeal to those that have asked for Mac support. VNC really is a nice way to access a dedicated cellar PC remotely and for mainly Mac households it's an inexpensive entry point. As I mentioned a dedicated netbook - especially one that's really stripped down like mine is has more than enough power. Knowing it was going to have a dedicated task, I pulled out as many services, DLLs, ... as possible to keep the windows overhead low. All I have on the device is Uncorked, Firefox, UltraVNC, a free anti-virus (the only thing that slows up the netbook) and iTunes (in case I need some music in the cellar). See picture of my cellar here.." Mark Fabbi (Ontario, Canada)
  • "I write a wine blog at www.chrisonwine.com and receive a number of offers to trial cellar mgmnt programs. Of those that I have looked at Uncork is light years ahead of them. No time to be complacent but – there is nothing I have seen that gets anywhere near it for ability to practically manage a working cellar. As you can see I am a fan. " Chris Miley (NSW, Australia) www.chrisonwine.com
  • "You folks are doing a fantastic job. I can’t tell you how happy my wife and I are that we purchased this and took the surprisingly short time to inventory our cellar. Thanks for producing a great product. " Greg & Judy Gehrke (Washington State, USA)
  • "Thank you very much for your professional and prompt assistance as usual.. " Ian Johnson (SA Australia)
  • "Your graphic cellar depictions saved me a lot of trouble, as with a couple of hundred wines and three locations, I am always screwing up my locations. Sometimes I find an old wine that I lost track of by accident. Although that is often a pleasant experience, as it was with an older Yarra Yarra Cabernet that I found (and we drank) over the weekend as I was inventorying my wines, It is more often a bad one. I think that that will be a thing of the past. I have registered my program and ordered a bar-code reader from you. My heartfelt thanks for your efforts in helping me with my data. " Hank Lanum (California USA)
  • "You made some significant improvements to the program with this release. Kudos!. " Mark D. Thebaut, D.D.S. , President/Owner, Gwinnett Children's Dentistry, Platinum Dental Group (Georgia USA)
  • "I just thought I'd let you know that my Dad was able to access everything & he LOVES it! Thanks for your help. " Janel Burroughs, CRS (Maryland USA)
  • "Thanks again for your GREAT Product. Registered User for 6 years. " Steve Carpenter (California USA)
  • "I have to say I have been very happy with UC and the updates in functionality you continue to provide. Over the last few years the ability to open multiple cellars for uncorking, easy re-opening of cellars, and the ability to have multiple columns for wine storage for the additional stand alone cabinet I purchased are just a few of the beneficial upgrades to the product. However, the best experience has been with customer service and I know you have spent a lot of time troubleshooting some problems that I’ve had. This, to me, speaks volumes. Thanks again. " Gary Kronen (Illinois USA)
  • "You've got a great product. Fun too! I can't wait to load in all the rest of the wines we have.... I was pleasantly surprised as to exactly what I ended up downloading. This is a great tool, particularly for keeping track of wine values and peak drinking dates. I usually e-mail each vinter as I acquire bottles and then keep track of how long to age and peak drinking time by hand, or if I can't locate the vinter, we guess. I immediately found we had a bottle of 2000 merlot that had peaked in 2006, so we opened right up. Sure enough it was turning, but not gone. Sadly, you could still tell that there had once been a very nice wine underneath. " Linda Del Bianco (USA)
  • "Thanks for the reply. It is a pleasure to communicate with knowledgeable people on software issues when problems arise, instead of the usual third world phone transfer and endless holding. " Bonner Guilford (North Carolina USA)
  • "Perfect! Thanks so much... Really appreciate the outstanding customer service." Janiece Evans-Page (California USA)
  • "What a great product." Kayla Clark (Montana USA)
  • "I did the trial and we ordered it for our home computer and we are running it on our Mac and it is great." Melissa Sowa Legters (New Jersey USA)
  • "I've now loaded my cellar into the program... about 220 different wines. I am becoming familiar with the Program, but have lots to learn. Again, I am impressed with the inventory of wines in your database. Many of our wines come from very small wineries and there were few that did not appear in the Uncorked Cellar." Robert (Orlando USA)
  • "What a great product. I didn’t even know there was a web cellar!." Pete Spoto (NSW Australia)
  • "I tell all my wine collecting friends about this great easy to use software... The program is so easy to use, I've even recommended to a couple of my favorite wine bars." Ray Steiner (Arizona USA)
  • "In the last couple of days, I have installed the July release of Uncorked, and discovered the web cellar facility. I just wanted to say, what a great feature! It allows me to keep the main database on my home PC, but use my Eee mini PC to update it via a wireless internet connection while I'm in the cellar, and I can access it here at work as well. Bloody Fantastic!!" Peter Williams (TAS Australia)
  • "Congratulations on a great software product. I have found it to be an invaluable asset to my modest wine collection...." Steve Mellor (WA Australia)
  • "Am enjoying the Uncorked Cellar very much, and have been keeping track of my wines and the times I drink them and my tasting notes since I started. I also copy the wine reviews of my wines from Spectator, Connoisseur's Guide, Parker and Wine Enthusiast to compare notes. Yours is a great program and easy to use..." David Price (California USA)
  • "Thanks, I appreciate the unsolicited update (advising of the mid-year release). It's rare these days that a vendor goes out of their way to inform users of updates that don't generate revenue. This just reinforces my decision to use Uncorked." Jim Schallert (USA)
  • "Loving the software. Uncorked has really helped me manage my small cellar and also allowed me to learn more about wine. Being able to track my wine, when it's ready to drink, prices and value, as well as keeping my own notes is great. I like that I was able to draw a wine rack to match my wine cabinet. Makes finding bottles easy. If you are looking to take your wine cellar and knowledge to the next level, you should get the Uncorked Cellar." Antony Mureika (Ontario, CANADA)
  • "Thanks again for your timely response. This is the best support I have ever had on new software..." Mark Tsuchiyose (California USA)
  • "Thanks for the prompt assistance. Your program definetly makes it easier to manage our cellar and enjoy our wine..." Bob Law (New Jersey USA)
  • "The Uncorked Cellar is awesome. We're delighted to have finally achieved control of our unruly cellar once and for all... Thanks again for your stupendous service---above and beyond the call of duty by far. I will recommend you and this program wherever I can... We installed some 1,500 bottles in our new cellar today, according to the installation schematic the Uncorked Cellar provided. Thanks again for talking me through that. It was invaluable to have "virtually" allocated the cellar first, and then install and double-check ourselves along the way. I caught a few mistakes. For example the cases on the floor had not been properly inventoried, because I was very green on the program at the time. I double-entered one wine, and ignored another ten cases. I'll correct all that, but I avoided adding bottles to vacant pigeonholes because that would throw off the tag allocation.... Martine and I are thrilled to have gotten everything accurate and installed!" Dan Drackett (Idaho USA)
  • "Many thanks for your prompt and very helpful reply....something that does not always happen with online purchased software. Indeed your suggestion worked perfectly and I now have the report I wished that is sorted by Variety. I have enjoyed working with your software save for a few frustrated moments that you have quickly made disappear. I would certainly recommend the software to my friends who also have undocumented wine cellars.." Brian Montgomery (Ontario Canada)
  • "Excellent software - wonderfully easy to use. Thanks very much for the great work! .... We have found your software to be just the thing we needed to make sure we keep track of the stock.." Bob Endlicher (New Jersey USA)
  • "I really like your program and have recommended it to others. I always tell them of your wonderful help in converting my barcodes to add the front numbers I had left off in the number stream and the fact you actually talked to me on the phone. I hope they purchase a subscription." ... Bob Pepper (USA)
  • "I must say that I am extremely happy with the timeliness and relevance of the support that you provide. Especially for dummies like me. You have made the use of this system a pure pleasure." ... Keith Edwards (Florida USA)
  • "I have been using the program for about 6 months and, apart from a few learning issues, it is truly awesome.... I am really pleased with the power of this program. I currently have around 800 bottles in our very new cellar and this gives me the ability to write all my notes as we go (drink) and uncork them with the barcode reader at any time." ... Christopher Miley (NSW Australia)
  • "Thank you again for your help this evening, your time and effort is very much appreciated. I very much enjoy the use I get out of the Uncorked Cellar and enjoy the new features that are added with each update." ... Ron Carpentier (Ontario USA)
  • "Thanks again for the help. You're product is great, but the reason I recommend it to others is that you stand behind your software.." ... Carol Kahn (California USA)
  • "Fantastic product, I tell all my wine collecting friends to buy it!." ... Ray Steiner (Arizona USA)
  • "Thanks again for a great product (and even better support)." ... Barry Webster (Texas USA)
  • "I"d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful support you have always given your excellent product. As you're probably aware, I've been a registered user from the early days and it has always been a pleasure to deal with you. Thanks again and keep up the good work!" ... Stephen Harlamb (Victoria, Australia)
  • "I have used your recommendations many times to find good wines. You are the best." ... Derek Fuller (Australia)
  • "I evaluated four other software programmes, I thought yours was easily the best." ... Steven E (NSW Australia)
  • "We have a small / medium size business that distributes throughout Australia and New Zealand and pride ourselves on our service and communication to our customers no matter what size order, but constantly find it frustrating that many others cannot seem to do this simple task in return. My order from your company is very small but your back up service and advice, and I might add on a weekend - has been impressive. Thank you for your assistance." ... Ian Johnson (SA Australia)
  • "I have seen your product and compared it to the other wine inventory programs available. I can say without equivocation that your product is the most superior product available on the market." ... John (USA)
  • "You clearly understand "internet time". Your response speed gives me a great comfort that you will stand behind your software and will push hard to have your customers experience unexpected "delight" as they say in the trade. Thanks for your suggestions on the label issue. I plan to be a customer and order the CD as I always like a back up. Thanks again for your excellent response." ... Dave Vercollone (USA)
  • "Thank you! This is great." ... Sandra Hart (NSW Australia)
  • ".. enjoying my cellar MORE than ever because of your program!..... By the way - I was reading your testimonial page and couldn't agree more with those who commented on your INCREDIBLE level of product support - you should be very proud." ... Steve Ross (New York USA)
  • "I love the program and have recommended it to all of my friends." ... Richard Port (Illinois USA)
  • "I am truly enjoying your program and the change it has meant in the management of my cellar." ... Steven Ross (New York USA)
  • "I continue to be amazed by your fantasic software." ... Jonathan Brill (Florida USA)
  • "Thank you for making it so easy to do business with you and your company. I most certainly will keep Uncork in mind for my next wine cellaring purchase. Thanks again!!" ... Bob La Hoff (New Jersey USA)
  • "Thanks for the update. Just wanted to tell you how incredibly satisfied I have been with The Uncorked Cellar. The construction of my large refrigerated wine cellar at home was completed a few weeks ago. Built with redwood, 18th century Italian and French stone, and antique light fixtures- it's a dream come true. Holds 5,200 bottles but I've got only 1,100 in there so far. Thanks to The Uncorked Cellar, I can manage my inventory perfectly. I used your sorting system to organize the wines by country, variety, winery, region and vintage- then I arranged my wine cellar exactly the same way. Thanks. I have print outs of various sorting systems such as "drink by", "merit", "value", etc. By doing this I discovered that I better drink some of my wine before it's good only as salad dressing. I just can't tell you how valuable this software has been to my wife and me. Thanks." ... Lou Ignarro (California USA)
  • "Took the leap and converted from Wine Cellar II to Uncorked.....It took a long time to transfer all the data but now can see how much better software Uncorked is......a happy customer
  • ""I have been using The Uncorked Cellar personally for well over a year now and continue to be impressed with the ease of use and the size of the data base. I researched several other options prior to selecting "Uncorked" and found it, by far, to be the best answer for my cellar management needs...so much so that I have added a division to my company which now offers Wine Cellar Management which we exclusively use "Uncorked" as our software solution..." Vaughn Hardin, President, Hardin & Associates
  • "I very much appreciate your support and apologise for intruding into your “home time”. I had expected a response in a day or two, but to have you respond within hours and to work on the problem outside of work hours, shows first-rate customer service. I thank you for this." ... Mark Gambetta (Australia)
  • "Thanks for the help. What great customer support! I'm really happy I purchased your product..." Lowell Neufeld (Washington USA)
  • "Your (printable) labels are great. They save a lot of time.... "Steve Herrick (California USA)
  • "For someone I have never met, you certainly are a wonderful help. I love the program and you have always responded immediately. Thanks... " ... Ken Damato (New Jersey USA)
  • "Your service is the best I have ever had - even to the point of thinking ahead as to what I would need before I did and to e-mail me before I got into trouble. I already have The Uncorked Cellar ready to enter my data... " ... Geoff Doherty (Australia)
  • "Your program has proven to be a great tool for me. It is wonderful to finally know exactly what is in my cellar and where it is and the Winery data base makes it easy to get wines registered. One thing that I didn't expect when I bought the program was how much easier it would make it to do wine research. Well done Uncorked!. " ... Ian Smith (Canada)
  • "I can not believe the support I received from Brian. He was right there to personally help me. I am running Windows 2000 on my PC and purchased Uncorked 2007 to upgrade my 2004 version. I could not get 2007 to install over a 2-week period. So, I finally gave up and sent an e-mail to Brian to let him know my situation. I just assumed that I would never hear from him and would never get 2007 to operate on my system. However; less then 6 hours after I sent my plea for help he was on the phone with me and was actually running my computer from his end. It took him over 20 minutes to address my problem and resolve it. Now 2007 is up and operational on my system. It would have never happened without the great support. I am now a true believer in the hospitality and professionalism of the men Down Under. This is a software with the best technical support I have ever seen.
    Thanks Brian, you were great to talk with.. "
    ... Ken Krivanek (Idaho USA)
  • "This is a simple thank you for the call you made to give me my key number. If I sounded a little stunned I was!! It was great customer service and much appreciated. The software is excellent as my five year membership attests. " ... Bill Mann (Canada)
  • "I am very impressed with the awesome customer service you provide to your customers. Thank you! " ... Jane Thomas (USA)
  • "I also wanted to mention to you that the 2007 update really put the nail on the sell. Larger view of cellar. View two at a time. The flexiblility on changing headings and view. I could have written a dozen more reasons but the items mentioned were important to me. Great Work !!!!" ... James Foitek (USA)
  • "Thanks for a GREAT Product!" ... Steven Carpenter (USA)
  • "I just wanted to thank you again; your help and support was exceptional, especially over Christmas." ... Simon Goode (England & France)
  • "I just want to say thankyou! The gear arrived today and I'm well and truely up and running with no hastles what so ever. Software and scanner worked straight out of the box. 1st time...very impressive! Tomorrow I receive all my wines out of storage..." ... Alex Baker (Australia)
  • "I just updated my software -- quick and easy! From a quick run-through, looks as though you've been very busy since last year. Many thanks for a great product." ... Karl Krout (USA)
  • "Thanks for a great program. I looked at all the wine cellar programs and tried the various demos before settling on yours. I think it is near perfect and has all of the particular functionality that I need." ... Geoff Lake (Australia)
  • "Thank you for the 2006 refresh download for the program! I am really enjoying using it. I used to have a laborious effort to look up wine values - now they are automatic. I also really like the cellar rack diagrams! Great software!!" ... Jim Lowman (USA)
  • "Thank you for the note about the update and for the opportunity to let you know that I appreciate having The Uncorked Cellar for tracking and monitoring my wine collection. It replaced my excel spreadsheet and made my collecting and tasting far more enjoyable. I've told many of my friends about it and wish you continued success with it.." ... Renee (USA)
  • "I look forward to the new version and appreciate the support. This is truly the best software for wine collection that I have ever seen and it is so useful and all concerned with its development and support should be congratulated." ... Graeme Moorhouse (Australia)
  • "Thanks again for your support. I am still amazed and thankful that you took the time to call. I will recommend you at every opportunity!!." ... Barry (Pennsylvania USA)
  • "I want to thank you again for your very quick response to help us with restoring our wine information into the software. You were terrific. You have helped me twice now and I thank you. As for future business, we have two couples who were interested in your software and we are wholeheartedly recommending it, especially because of the customer service your provide." ... Jean Peck (Texas USA)
  • "Thanks for the follow up. It (The Uncorked Cellar) works like a bought one, which I will organize in the next week or so. I am impressed with its ease of use and the information contained in the wine database." ... Mark Brereton (Australia)
  • "Your product is 100 times easier to use than xxxxxx, which I downloaded first. I gave up after trying to enter about three wines. With Uncorked, by the time I had entered three wines, I was on a roll -- kept going until I had done about 2/3 of my cellar." ... Charles Mills (USA)
  • "I searched for a couple of years for software to track my wine. "The Uncorked Cellar" is the best I out of all the research. I have been using it for a couple of weeks. Beside the data base search logic, the part that I like the best is that you are able to click a button and it updates your wines with merit (rating) peak, drink by and value. I was able to import the data from my excel and did not have to input each bottle. I know you guys don't have your wines on excel but uncorked has a huge data base of wines so you just search by name and then click the add button when you find your wine. Steve.... you're not doing anything now anyway so this would be a good time to get ride of those yellow sheets of paper. : -) Here is their web site.. (www.uncork.biz) ... you can download for free a trial version with a sample cellar. I have also sent a copy of this email to Brian Allen @ uncork who has given me great support and quick answers when I couldn't figure out how to." ... Roger J. (USA)
  • "I consistantly confirm that your rating system is pretty spot on no matter how much many people like to deride any rating systems." ... Carl Freiherr von Vivenot (Australia)
  • "Thanks for the ongoing, great program and support." ... Douglas Thompson (USA)
  • "Great software, I can't wait to add my information and build my database. Thanks!" ... John Evans (USA)
  • "It's a great program so thanks for your efforts." ... Peter Southern (Australia)
  • "We have done many things in regard to Uncorked over the last year and I must say it is quite a pleasure to suggest your program to friends. I gave your name to one of the congregants at my older son's synagogue. He is ... in .... New York. I hope you made the sale" ... Bruce Glazer (USA)
  • "By the way it's time for some praise - I am pleased with the performance of the Uncorked Cellar and am happy to recommend it. I have a small cellar - about 500 bottles." ... Fred Spencer (Canada)
  • "I have used the software for a while and decided to buy it. I am proud to say that it is Australian, it is a brilliant program. Congratulations. I have read some reviews on wine cellar software. On one site it reviewed at least 50 of them and this came in the top three. Thanks again!!!!!" ... Grant Stinson (Australia)
  • "This is fantastic software for an enthusiastic amateur wine collector, easy to use and great after-sales service. Thanks for your continued efforts to improve it" ... Lisa (Australia)
  • "The program appears to run well with only a few wines not in the database. Simple to use and very practical. I have two cellars, one in NZ and the other in Fiji. This enables me to stock both efficiently by looking ahead at available bottles at peak drinking years.
    Very happy with the program and will certainly use the updates when they come available..."
    ... Vern Heydon (Fiji & NZ)
  • "I have told a few other's about and they are just as interested in the program, I love the wine tag's and the ease of entering a new wine. You just have to look it up and add it, no time consuming typing..." ... Chris Barrett (Australia)
  • "What at first seems to be an overwhelming array of input boxes, display fields and comments section make sense after a few test runs. This package is full of functions and features and the graphics are impressive. I would not recommend this product to the occasional user who has 20 bottles to track, but give it a thumbs up for all others.
    I tested the June 2002 version, which came with over 9000 sample wines and producer information. I liked the idea of a on-click means to go to the producers Website, if a URL address has been configured.
    Adding new wines is easy, either by entering all pertaining data or by using an existing wine from that producer and changing things like vintage. A map of wine producing countries can be displayed, but I found that to be useless because it's simply a country or regional map.
    Great product, highly recommended."
    ... Kurt .... (http://www.baycountryliquors.com)
  • "This is still the best wine management software around.." ... Adrian (South Africa)
  • "The Uncorked Cellar has made organizing my cellar so much easier. The software is extremely easy to use, and has pretty much every feature I could ask for. Adding new wines, tasting notes, and uncorking bottles from the cellar is done in a just a few seconds. I highly recommend this software." ... Jay D'Antonio (Canada)
  • "Started evaluating various programs some time ago, but this one is simply the best." ... Jan Grotenbreg (USA)
  • "Just wanted to send an email to let you know how pleased I am with 'The Uncorked Cellar'. I have recommended it to several friends and colleages..... 'Congratulations' on designing what I consider a 'cellar essential' program. ... Rich Piper (AUS)
  • "While I have only been using uncorked for a few days, I must tell you that it is so much easier to use than Robert Parker's Wine Cellar." ... Tom May (USA)
  • "In the first place congratulations on a well presented and researched site. It's a pleasure to see professionalism and industry at work!" ... Dr Robert Ippaso, Winemaker of Lost Valley Winery
  • "I have downloaded your trial software for UNCORKED CELLAR ... LOOKING GREAT" ... Graeme Wilson of Windy Ridge Winery
  • "I spent most of last night exploring your software........expect a registration request by snail-mail." ... Mark Maguire (NZ)
  • "Thank you for your prompt reply. I must say that in a sea of mediocre customer service, you've managed to stand out in the crowd." .... John Bickerstaff
  • "....very impressive" ... Gordon Davidson
  • "As I get more familiar, I am finding this a very fine program. Keep up the good work." ... Kerry Allred of Australian Wine Society, Calgary, Canada
  • "Wow! I am really liking this software, the cellar is finally organized."... Jack Cook (USA)
  • "My parents owned a wine store, where I spent most of my childhood helping first clean the store, then move stock, and finally wait on customers. I've seen a number of "wine databases" and Uncorked is one of the best. Your continued improvements only add to its value as a vintage wine tracking software."... Marcus Neiman (USA)
  • "Congratulations on a 5-star rating. You've done an outstanding job compiling a list of not only wineries, but wines as well.........
    (The) Uncorked Cellar is an easy-to-use database that can help you to organize your wines, educate you, and possibly create a broader interest in wines of the world. You can keep multiple cellar files with all the details about your wines, including wineries, labels, vintage, costs, varietals, regions, and tasting notes. Enter data by clicking on picklists, scroll bars, and radio buttons to choose from the extensive collection of Australian, New Zealand, French, English, Canadian, and U.S. wineries. Alphabetized lists let you research producers and see their recent releases, with details about pricing and more. A summary for many entries describes the wine, and an address pane helps you to contact the producers. The multipaned window lets you see your holdings and search quickly by autofill entry. There are regional maps of wine growing regions, reports of cellar quantities and value, lots of note space, and a colorful maturity graph. Reports track cellar contents, value, consumption, and balance. The online help tells you how to use the program and how to care for and enjoy your wines
    ." ... "ZDNet's Software Library"
  • "It's a great system. The bulk of my collection is Aussie and Kiwi from when I lived in Melbourne, so it's great to have listings for all of the offbeat wineries whose wine I have amassed. Data entry was a breeze!"
    .... Mark Viehman (USA)


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