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More Wine Tidbits

Wine & Chocolate

Did you know that.

Daily wine and chocolate boost life expectancy. Ingredients form part of sevenfood 'polymeal' designed to reduce heart disease risk.

A daily meal with seven foods - - including wine and chocolate -- could cut heart disease risk by 76 per cent, says a team of Australian researchers.

They estimate that a "polymeal" of wine, fish, dark chocolate, fruit, vegetables, almonds and garlic, eaten every day (or at least four times a week in the case of fish) would increase men's life expectancy by an average of six and a half years and women's by an average of five years.

The findings follow research in 2003 into a so-called "polypill," a combination of drugs taken in one dose, which aimed to reduce heart disease risk by more than 80 per cent. Team member Dr. Anna Peeters from the Monash University department of epidemiology and preventive medicine in Melbourne, Australia, says her team devised the polymeal as a non-drug alternative to the polypill

* Reproduced with permission from Peter Svans at The Gurdies Winery

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