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Where do uncorked bottles go (Read 687 times)
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Where do uncorked bottles go
10/07/07 at 00:41:51
From Charlie

Q: where do uncorked bottles go.  I don't want to loose the info I have logged into the log.  Maybe it stays with the remaining bottles until there is none left.  But I'd hate to loose the data if I go to zero and then buy more- the data is gone.  Somewhere, I noted that you can create a rule to transfer (and hopefully append) the data to a "consumed" cellar.  Do you have any notes on the best way to set up that rule?  (It might have been in your forum which is in limbo at this time).  Where would you put the notes on the bottle consumed?  In the remaining cellar log or the consumed cellar log?  Or if you put it in the remaining cellar log, will it get appended or updated in the consumed log?

A: Unless you delete the record, the details you have entered stay in your cellar
To create a rule to move a deleted record to a consumed cellar, see the help under "How do I... Copy Deleted Wines To Another Cellar"
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