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Rebuilding my computer (Read 740 times)
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Rebuilding my computer
10/08/07 at 11:33:30
From John

Q: I will be rebuilding my computer in the next few weeks due to an unfixable error. I will back up my document files and then reload all programmes after the operating system (Vista) is reloaded.

If I keep a copy of the exe uncorked programme and the registration key can I reload the programme and use the registration key to operate.
What is then the easiest way to then reload all the cellar information that will be lost with the rebuild??

A: You will need more than just the executable file when you rebuild your computer - the best way is to download the installation program and re-install again from www.uncork.biz/download.htm

Once you have reinstalled the program, you can re-apply your registration key - make sure you enter your name the same as your current installation because this forms part of your registration key.

Regarding your cellar, you should backup your cellar to a CSV file (Cellar, Export Cellar to CSV file) then restore that CSV file once you have re-installed the program. You should find that cellar backup CSV files are already available for you - depending on the settings you have selected in Tools, Options, Backups.

See also the help under "How do I... Back up my Cellar" and "How do I... Transfer My Cellar To Another PC"

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