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Placing wines in the rack (Read 698 times)
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Re: Placing wines in the rack
Reply #1 - 11/23/07 at 23:46:57
Hi Bill

1. Tags.
You do not HAVE to tag each bottle, but tagging every bottle does ensure that your inventory is 100% accurate, especially if you use the barcode scanner. Do not be concerned about the tag number already being at 170 - this can be any unique number. (some will have already beein allocated in the sample cellar even though you have subsequently deleted the sample cellar)

2. How to locate your bottles in a virtual rack

  • Click on a wine in your cellar
  • Open the Rack wizard by pressing the button marked Tags & Racks
  • Clear the box marked Automatically Allocate Bottles to Rack...
  • When you add each wine to your cellar, the Tag & Rack Wizard will be displayed.
  • In the field marked Rack, select the rack to add your new bottles to
  • Alternatively, you can enter the rack names and locations manually in the grid beside the tag numbers
  • Double-click on empty locations within the rack to automatically fill in the rack location details for each bottle

See also the help topic under The Uncorked Cellar/Racks

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Placing wines in the rack
11/23/07 at 23:22:45
I have a case of Columbia Crest chardonnay.  I have configured my rack the way it exists, but I cannot figure out how to put the 12 bottles of chard in the computer rack as they are actually placed in my real rack.   Do I have to "tag" each bottle?  And if so, I think I need some help on how to do that.  According to the program, I have 170 tags already in use, although I deleted the sample rack, and have added only the case to my cellar.

Thanks very much for your help!

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