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Adding wines efficiently with a bar code reader (Read 657 times)
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Re: Adding wines efficiently with a bar code reade
Reply #1 - 12/26/07 at 05:50:06
Hi, thank you for evaluating The Uncorked Cellar

The quick answer is, yes you can.
Add the barcode as you are adding the wine and it will be saved in your cellar and recognised when you next add that wine.

Using the menu command "Tools, Add to the Uncork Database" will check for wines or barcodes not already listed, and send the missing information to us via email (so that you can see what is sent). We review for consistency etc and add to future information updates.

On your second question, the easiest way to add bottles to a location is by using the Rack wizard.
You can either add them to the specific rack location when you first add the wine to your cellar, or use the software to automatically add them to a temporary rack, then move them to their final destination later.

I would not use the "Location" field for this use because this one field applies to all bottles in the record, and is meant for quickly defining (for example) that all of these bottles in this record are held offsite.

Finally, if you would like to convert your winebase cellar to one suitable for importing into The Uncorked Cellar, export it to a spreadsheet, then email the resulting file to support@uncork.biz.

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Adding wines efficiently with a bar code reader
12/26/07 at 05:23:54
I have been using WineBase cellar software for many years and think it is now past its use by date. They have not moved forwards with the times in terms of the user interface.
I am evaluating Uncorked and it looks very similar in many respects, but appears to be much more flexible.

One question which I can't easily find an answer to is:-
Can I add new wines using a bar code reader, enter the vintage, and have all the other data automatically loaded off the bar code data base? If this is generally a 'yes' but if a particular bar code is not on the data base, do you collect and distribute such data from your user base as a shared resource?

More thinking on the topic... Can I add bottles to a cellar location by scanning in a location once it has been set up in a table which maps bar codes to location? The reason for this is that small, say 1 to 3 bottle purchases are almost more work than is worth it. I tend to gather them into a 'loose' area and just rummage around to find them. It would be smarter to manage down to the individual bottle if it was quick and easy.
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