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I want to label each bottle using printable labels (Read 489 times)

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I want to label each bottle using printable labels
01/27/08 at 11:56:56
From Lance

Q: I want to label each bottle and was planning to use Avery labels which I printed myself but I am unsure this is a good idea and would hate to get off to a bad start. I don't care that I can see the labels such as those that hang around the neck but this may be naive. I believe that I will keep a very accurate account of where and what in the software so I felt the label could go on the side of the bottle. Also I have the software printer and bar code reader right outside the cellar door so bottles will get labels on their way in and barcoded on their way out. At least that is my plan.

A: The problem we found with Avery labels was that none are really the right size - they are either too small or too large - which is why we supply the 40mm x 25mm Printable Self Adhesive Wine Label Tags. (by the way - these fit on the snap tags)

However, the real problem with adhesive tags is that the best way to ensure 100% inventory accuracy is to provide a removable tag which is easily separated from the bottle and scanned later - when you have plenty of time.  Even though your laptop is right outside the door - you sometimes have to rush in and select something because some friends dropped in suddenly or whatever.   In these cases, the laptop just takes too long to boot up.

The printable neck tags, Vinote neck tags and Vinote wrap tags can all be removed from the bottle as you remove the wine from the cellar - and the barcode scanned later. I know of at least one professionally managed cellar where they have a folder near the cellar door just for sticking the used wrap tags to as they walk out the door. That way, you can scan the barcode on the separated tag to uncork the wine from your inventory long after the empty bottle has been discarded.

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