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If I had 40 cases of wine..... (Read 423 times)

The Uncorked Cellar
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If I had 40 cases of wine.....
01/27/08 at 11:59:38
From Lance

Q: If I had The Uncorked Cellar on a laptop, a laserjet printer + barcode reader and 40 cases of wine, how would I proceed.....

A: The best way I can answer this is to tell you what I do.

a) I store my magnums separate from 750ml bottles
b) I store my best wines in a specific part of the rack - away from most of the others bottles so they dont get selected accidentally if I send someone else in to get a wine. I use printable neck tags for these bottles so I can find what is in any bottle without disturbing any of its neighbors.

Then I sort my bottles according to their estimated peak year and store them accordingly, so a particular column of the rack holds wines with a particular estimated peak year - so I always know where to go even if I'm in a rush and dont have a chance to fire up The Uncorked Cellar first.

Other than my best wines, I use the Vinote Neck tags - simply because that is easier when adding the wines, and it is less important if I happen to move a neighboring bottle when I'm browsing....

Irrespective of the neck tags I am using (Printable or Vinote numbered) I leave the neck tags in my cellar until the end of the week, then uncork all of them at once by using the scanner.

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