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Printing a sorted inventory report (Read 470 times)
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Printing a sorted inventory report
03/22/08 at 01:09:17
From Toby

Q: I am attempting to inventory my wines to make sure my computer inventory matches what is actually in the various locations I store wines.  I am having difficulty in getting a print out of the wines sorted by location (named), variety, vintage etc.  I feel quite certain there must be a method contained within your program but as yet have not been able to discover it.

A: Presuming you are using the location field to define the location of all bottles in a particular record....

1. Use the menu command "Cellar, Print a report"
2. select the [Inventory Check] style report,
3. press the A-Z button, and select the fields you wan to sort by
4. press print-preview

If you are using the rack system and want a report to print what is in each row/column location, select the report style [Rack Contents] instead of the [Inventory Check] style report.

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