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Folder Locations in Vista (Read 511 times)
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Folder Locations in Vista
03/27/08 at 23:53:00
From Barry

Q: Based on your documentation, I would expect my cellar data to be stored in Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Uncork\

I can see old versions of the cellar in these subdirectories using "search" but not from browsing with explorer (must be hidden files in Vista??). The program is now defaulting to back up cellars located in /temp (I had created a backup manually and put it in this subdirectory). Cellar seems to work OK, but it concerns me that it is pointed at this storage location and shouldn't be (and I can't find anything in "options" to change the file storage location).

A: The program defines a default folder for your cellar, but really the cellar can be saved in any folder that Vista allows. (Vista will not allow you to save your cellar under the "Program Files" folder.

When you save your cellar to a different folder, that folder becomes the one you see when you use the menu command "Cellar Open" or "Cellar New" so that you can keep your cellars in the one folder.  Really, the key criteria you should use is simply to save it to a folder which gets backed up

By the way - if you have multiple computers on a network and save it to a shared folder, all of the computers will be able to see the cellar.

If you want to revert back to the default folder, use the menu command "Cellar, Set Cellar Folder to Factory Default"

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