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some data frustrations: maturity and wine type (Read 5495 times)
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Re: some data frustrations: maturity and wine type
Reply #1 - 04/08/08 at 12:57:34
Hi Sean

a) Display of Wine Maturity
The fields used to determine the maturity of a wine are...
Vintage, Hold Until, Peak and Drink Before

In general, Aged means that a wine is approx 30% or more past the value listed as the wine's peak. Select the wine, then press the Maturity button (the coloured pyramid) and it will show the matirity curve for the spacific wine, given the values you have entered for peak etc.

(If the wine you are seeing does not seem to fit this criteria, please give a specific example indicating the yearor date of each of the above fields and we will explain why you are seeing "Aged" for that wine.)

b) Running a report selecting different Wine Types
Either the criteria "Wine Type = W" or "Wine Type CONTAINS W" will show just the white wines.
Similarly, the criteria "Wine Type = R" or "Wine Type CONTAINS R" will show just the red wines.

The most likely problem is that you have not set the wine type properly for some of your wines. (The background of the wine variety should be shown in the appropriate color)

A very easy way to display all of your red wines is to click the red bottle in the top-left of the cellar page. If you then click the printer icon, a simple report showing the wines displayed on the screen will be generated.

If you need to change a wine type, go to the cellar page, then
a) select the wine
b) click on the appropriate bottle in the top-left corner
c) press the Update button

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some data frustrations: maturity and wine type
04/08/08 at 12:31:35
The maturity field shows a number of wines as being "aged" despite there being a purposeful lag between "peak" and "drink by" dates.  This seems to be inconsistent.  Does uncorked makes underlying assumptions on varietal longevity? Can someone help clarify this?

Next: How does one run a report against the "Wine Type" field?  I've created a report using "Wine Type = W" and "Maturity = Aged" or "Maturity = Mature."   I keep getting back whites and REDS!!  But in the interface the red are selected properly.  This is really frustrating.  Can someone lend some advice?
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