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Uncork Date (Read 1636 times)

The Uncorked Cellar
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Re: Uncork Date
Reply #1 - 07/19/10 at 09:51:57
Good suggestion (I also use barcoded tags then uncork my wines a little later  Smiley )

I've added that to our suggestion list for possible inclusion in the 2011 version - but of course no promises
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The Uncorked Cellar
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Uncork Date
07/19/10 at 08:15:05
I do not always update the software as soon as I have uncorked a bottle. I write the date on the tag and then keep the tags and do them in batches.  This means that the date stored for the uncorking of the wine is often later and it looks like I had a really big party on one day Grin

It would be really useful if on the "uncork bottle by scanning the barcode" screen there was a date field.  This could default to current date for convenience, but at least allow me to change it to the date I actually uncorked the wine.

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