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wine values (Read 755 times)
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Re: wine values
Reply #1 - 01/13/14 at 21:25:32
Having a quick look at your web cellar, the problem may be that many of your wines list USA as the country of origin, but are actually French
There are also many mis-spellings in your winery names - for example "Chffdteau Certan de May"

This suggests you have been adding wines manually (the very hard way) instead of loading the appropriate country then finding the wine by typing a few letters of the wine name (and clicking on it) on the Add-Wine page

Although the video shows a previous version which does not have the new search page, the video at http://www.uncork.biz/video_getting_started.htm will show you the basic steps to easily find a wine and add to your cellar.
You can also see the steps in the help under Help, How do I, Add Wines"

To correct the problem, select the French wines in your cellar , then change the country from USA to France and press UPDATE
Unfortunately this has to be done one at a time

As it is a Web cellar, our server will the perform the (tedious) task over the next day or so of matching these wines and updating the values for you from the Global Wine Stocks database.
If you still find they are not matched, use the menu command "Tools, Options, Value Calculations" then tick the box marked "Resync GWS database" and press the "Start Now" button

Once the re-sync has been started you can close The Uncorked Cellar, leaving most of the work to the web server
If you also have a local cellar you will need to wait while your PC does the time consuming re-sync
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wine values
01/13/14 at 20:10:34
I cannot make the global wine stocks.com put values for all of the wines in the cellar    anybody have thoughts? Cry
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