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The Uncorked Cellar - July 2010

Build 201006250

The July release is the major 2010 wine information update for USA, Canada, France, Italy, Portugal....

(Click here for current wine information)

New features for 2010 included...


  1. New search capability within the Rack Wizard to hilight wines in your rack from any specific winery
  2. New right click on a dot to display the wine description for that bottle
  3. New option to display (or not) the wine description as you move the mouse over each bottle
  4. New option to display (or not) the hint to double-click to uncork or add a wine
  5. New option to open the Rack Wizard in Dual Rack view when opening from the Cellar page
  6. Tag numbers on the left-hand grid now show up to 36 bottles (depending on your screen size) without the need to scroll
  7. Setup of tags and racks is now under "Tools, Options"


  1. New test mode to allow you to quickly scan barcodes to ensure they are in the database before adding vintage, quantity etc

NEW "CLIPBOARD" CELLAR - A temporary (sandbox) cellar to easily..

  1. Switch between any cellar and a temporary list
      Menu command "View, Cellar" or "View, Clipboard Wines" - or Right-click, "View clipboard"
  2. Add selected wines from your cellar, or from the reference
      Right-click on a wine, "Add to clipboard"
  3. Create a custom report for a selected subset of your wines
      As an example: add specific wines to your clipboard, then print a wine menu
  4. Remove all wines from the clipboard via a single click
      Right click, "Clear wine clipboard"


      Significantly faster synchronization of changes to web cellars


  1. New Foodmatch capability to show wines in your cellar which will enhance particular food and preparation style (View, Match Food and Wine)
  2. New "Food Suggestion" (read-only) field to display suggested foods to match each wine in your cellar


  1. SKU
  2. Actual Cost
  3. Total Actual Cost (reports only),
  4. "Rack Column-Row" (read-only)
  5. "Rack Column-Row List" (read-only)
  6. "Rack Row-Column" (read-only)
  7. "Rack Row-Column List" (read-only)
  8. "Wine Name" (read-only)
      New Field Notes:
      • Reports showing "Actual Cost Total" use the Price field if the Actual Cost field for any wine is zero,
      • Reports showing "Total Price" uses "Actual Cost" for any wine with a zero "Price" field value,
      • Both totals use the current value of a record if both Price and Actual Cost are zero
      • "Total Gain" of the cellar is computed as "Total Value" minus the maximum of ("Total Price" and "Total Actual Cost")
      • The new "Rack..." read-only fields allow you to concisely show or print the list of Rackname:Row-Column locations (etc) for each wine in the cellar in the one column
      • "Wine Name" (read-only) field concatenates Vintage, Winery, Label and Varietal into the one field - also to allow more concise reports


  1. Clicking on a winery without a website will clear the website previously being displayed as a preview
  2. Added "Price" and "Actual Cost" to search critera for cellars
  3. Automatically start The Uncorked Cellar when you click on a Cellar file in Windows Explorer
  4. Optionally clear all information and redisplay the wine list on the cellar or add-wine page
  5. Field names explained in the Help
  • For the record, the default folders for first time installation are...
    • Windows Vista or Windows 7
      • Program c:\Program Files\Uncork
      • Cellars c:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Uncork\Cellars
      • Ini file c:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Uncork\Config
      • Run Log c:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Uncork
    • Windows XP or earlier
      • Program c:\Program Files\Uncork
      • Cellars c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Uncork\Cellars
      • Ini file c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Uncork\Config
      • Run Log c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Uncork

    Existing cellars remain intact when you re-install the program
    • If you are running a 64 bit version of Windows the program will be installed in c:\Program Files (x86)

    Wine Information

    (Click here for latest new features)

    The 2010 version of The Uncorked Cellar lists.....

    • Over 27,000 wineries
    • Over 116,000 wines
    • Over 346,000 vintages of those wines
    Country     Wineries     Wines     Vintages    
    Argentina 390 1431 3283
    Austria 531 768 667
    Australia 3252 21633 79791
    Canada 408 4329 9748
    Chile 310 1371 3203
    England & Wales 194 344 381
    France 7165 18789 55591
    Germany 839 2059 3329
    Indonesia 1 6 -
    Israel 82 395 1002
    Italy 4596 10868 23745
    New Zealand 1044 5207 14901
    Portugal 645 2125 7493
    South Africa 550 3190 8160
    Spain 1308 2983 7308
    USA 6009 41325 127471

    To add to the wines we already list, please contribute information about wines in your cellar by using the menu command "Tools, Add to the Uncork Database".

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