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Comparing modes of The Uncorked Cellar.

Full Mode is used for the following

  • Program Configuration and Setup (See Tools, Options)
  • Creation and maintenance of inventory
  • Adding custom wine notes for each wine
  • Inventory Reports

Cellar Mode is a reduced functionality mode providing cellar management capailities. Ir does not include the "Add wine to Cellar page" - and hence does not provide any wine information.

Comparing the operating modes of The Uncorked Cellar....

Feature Full Mode Cellar Mode Gold Mode
Winery Information Y Y Y
Wine Information Y - Y
Cellar Management Y Y Y
Save Wine Cellar Inventory on Local PC Y Y Y
Cellars Optionally Viewable via the Internet 50 N 50
Barcode Wizard Y Y Y
Support Barcoded Pre-printed Tags Y Y Y
Print your own tags Y Y Y
Graphs Y Y Y
Multiple Field Sorting Y Y Y
Automatic backup Y Y Y
Entries per cellar 2000 2000 2000
Bottles per cellar 24000 24000 2400
Rules Y Y Y
Basic Reports Y Y Y
Custom Reports Y Y Y
Prepaid Subscription - - Y
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