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Wine Cellar Accessories

Wine Cellar Accessories help you look after your wine.


Those who are already using barcode readers are raving as to the increased efficiency of entering and removing wine.

Simply plug-and-play the reader via your USB port.

Nothing else is required to make your data entry so much faster.

Auto discriminate on all popular bar codes.

Models available

  • USB CCD scanner, trigger switched, 100 scans/sec, 0 - 25mm read distance,
  • Wireless Laser scanner, trigger switched, 200 scans/sec, 6cm - 30cm read distance

Wine Bar Code Scanner

Barcode Scanner

Printable Wine Bottle Tags

Print with any Laser or Inkjet printer, these wine tags grip the neck of the bottle with unique side tabs.

Create your own layout of the fields from The Uncorked Cellar. ®

Add a barcode if you wish, or even your own handwritten notes.

Available in packs of 120 or 300 Printable Wine tags in sheets of 12

Wine ID Tags


Reusable Snap Wine Tags

Made from durable plastic, these reusable write-on Wine Bottle Necktags are a unique design that snap on to the neck of almost any sized wine bottle and never fall off.
A superior tag for home or commercial use.

Write on with any felt-tipped pen or white-board marker.

Available in packs of 25 or 200 Reusable Wine tags

Wine ID Tags


Wine Label Removers

Quick and easy removal of labels. Such a clever idea for saving labels from wine bottles.

The label can then be framed, placed in an wine journal, wine diary or own scrapbook.

Packed in packs of 24.

Wine Label Remover

Label Removers

Wine Away

Wine Away is a remarkable red wine stain remover formulated to remove most red wine stains from carpet and fabric. It is made from fruit and vegetable extraxts and has a fresh citrus scent.

Of all the stains to remove, red wine stains are some of the most difficult. Thankfully, Wine Away red wine stain remover can help you conquer the problem. Wine Away effectively removes most red wine stains from carpet and fabric - without bleach or phosphates.

Supplied in a handy 2 Oz (60 ml) pack

Wine Away - Red Wine Stain Remover

Red Wine Stain Remover
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