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Build 202206060 ( See also current wine information )

The Uncorked Cellar 2022 New Features

  • Cellars
    • Much faster Web Cellar open and sync process
    • Faster Web Cellar saving/update process - especially when only a few records have been changed
    • New menu command to explicitly save your cellar as a local cellar - "Cellar, Save Cellar As Local Cellar"
    • Entry to the Web Cellar Wizard automatically enters your (registered) email address and refreshes your list of web cellars
  • Display
    • The size of the message popup is now automatically set without need to manually resize in order to see large messages
    • The font size used in message popups increased (from 8 to 10) for improved readability
    • Minimum formsize increased depending on your screen size
    • Remember the image folder last used when adding wine images
    • New option to NOT display wine type and maturity colors in grid (Tools, Options, General)
      • Particularly useful if you are visually impaired
      • Selecting this option also sets the grid headings on the Add-Wine and Cellar pages flat
  • Reports
    • Optionally print a list of every empty (available) rack location with the Rack Summary (Tags and Racks, Rack Summary)
    • Print (up to) a full sheet of tags - assumes contiguous tag numbers exist in your cellar... The default 1st tag number is the first tag of the selected wine
  • Tags and Racks
    • New option on the Rack Wizard to number rack rows starting from the bottom instead of the default (row 1 at the top)
      • See the "Row 1 at Top" setting on the (right-hand bottom of the Single Rack view) Tag Wizard
      • This is a rack-by-rack control best applied before adding wines to your rack
      • Existing row/column numbers are retained, so toggling the "Row 1 at Top" setting will invert the visual display of your existing bottles in the displayed rack
    • New tool to manually allocate 1 tag per record (vs 1 tag per bottle) irrespective of auto tag allocation settings (Tools, Allocate a Unique Tag Number to every record... )
    • Scanning a barcoded tag in the search field displays the specific bottle tag number and rack location in the grid (if those fields selected for display) as well as in the upper half of the screen
  • General
    • Protection against cut-and-paste of extended characters from web pages into user fields
    • Global Wine Stocks subscribers no longer need to manually re-enter your registered email address
    • Obsolete wine web search sites removed
    • Performance improvements and bugfixes

The Uncorked Cellar for Android

iPhone, iPad and Android browser access

  • A reminder that current year subscribers can save your cellar as a Web Cellar, then view via any mobile device
  • The free mobile web app provides full cellar management including virtual rack and tag allocation
  • Online wine search to show wine information either from your cellar or the Uncork database
    • Create a web cellar account via the menu command "Cellar, Web Cellar".
    • Log in with your mobile device at www.iUncork.com
      • Make sure you have closed The Uncorked Cellar before logging in at www.iUncork.com - The Uncorked Cellar opens a session so it can update your web cellar.
      • Similarly, dont just close your browser - press "Logout" first


Wine Information

(Click here for latest new features )

The 2022 version of The Uncorked Cellar lists.....

  • Over 38,000 wineries
  • Over 180,000 wines
  • Over 1,079,000 vintages of those wines
Country     Wineries     Wines     Vintages    
England & Wales2295621196
New Zealand1258551331397
South Africa816504234090

To add to the wines we already list, please contribute information about wines in your cellar by using the menu command "Tools, Add to the Uncork Database".


The default folders are...
  • Apple Mac Osx
    Program /Appplications/Uncork.app
    Cellar Backups     /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Backups
    Cellars /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Cellars
    Configuration     /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Config
    Run Log /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Log
    Templates /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Config/Templates
  • Windows ( The Uncorked Cellar for Windows 2021 or later )
    Program* c:/Program Files/Uncork
    Cellar Backups     c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Backups
    Cellars c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Cellars
    Templates c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Templates
    Configuration     c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Config
    Run Log c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Logs
  • Windows ( The Uncorked Cellar for Windows 2020 or earlier )
    Program* c:/Program Files/Uncork
    Cellar Backups     c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Backups
    Cellars c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork/Cellars
    Templates c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork/Templates
    Configuration     c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork/Config
    Run Log c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork
  • Existing cellars remain intact when you re-install the program
  • If you are running a 64 bit version of Windows the program will be installed in c:/Program Files (x86)/Uncork
  • The default folder for versions 2006 or earlier was c:/Uncorked
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