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Build 202105250 ( See also current wine information )

The Uncorked Cellar 2021 New Features

  • Images
    • Wine Images are the major and most obvious feature upgrade for this year
    • The wine image size has been increased and moved to the right-hand side - depending on your screen width
    • Wine images are uploaded to our web server to allow you to view images when logged in to your web cellar at www.iUncork.com and share your saved images with everyone
      Winemakers have contributed many images of their wine as part of their annual information updates
      You can help add by adding images for any wines in your cellar that do not already have images - or any images that could be improved
      See How do I... Display Wine Images for the steps to add images of wines in your cellar
  • Display
    • Faster "Open" and display of your cellar
    • Records with zero stock now excluded from search results if "Hide zero stock records" is ticked (Previously "Hide Records With Zero Stock after clearing all fields"). Searching via a barcode or via specific field matches always find and display records irrespective of stock levels
    • Removed the "Cancel" option from many messages (where cancel did the same as OK)
    • Popup confirmations automatically close after 10 seconds
  • Racks
    • The default (blank) rack is not shown or counted in the rack summary if it is empty
  • Windows Specific
    • Windows default folders have been changed "Documents/Uncork/..."
      Your cellar and configuration data have been automatically moved from the previous (Appdata) folder
    • Protection added for no default windows printer when saving printer settings
  • Mac Specific
    • MacOS Big Sur compatibility
  • Other
    • Graph bars have been removed so that colours of the bars always show even with a reduced screen resolution
    • Resubscribing Windows or Mac allows use of latest (previously purchased) versions
    • Performance improvements and cosmetic bugfixes

The Uncorked Cellar for Android

iPhone, iPad and Android browser access

  • A reminder that current year subscribers can save your cellar as a Web Cellar, then view via any mobile device
  • The free mobile web app provides full cellar management including virtual rack and tag allocation
  • Online wine search to show wine information either from your cellar or the Uncork database
    • Create a web cellar account via the menu command "Cellar, Web Cellar".
    • Log in with your mobile device at www.iUncork.com
      • Make sure you have closed The Uncorked Cellar before logging in at www.iUncork.com - The Uncorked Cellar opens a session so it can update your web cellar.
      • Similarly, dont just close your browser - press "Logout" first


Wine Information

(Click here for latest new features )

The 2021 version of The Uncorked Cellar lists.....

  • Over 37,900 wineries
  • Over 177,200 wines
  • Over 1,045,000 vintages of those wines
Country     Wineries     Wines     Vintages    
England & Wales2295571121
New Zealand1242544829880
South Africa806493432723

To add to the wines we already list, please contribute information about wines in your cellar by using the menu command "Tools, Add to the Uncork Database".


The default folders are...
  • Apple Mac Osx
    Program /Appplications/Uncork.app
    Cellar Backups     /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Backups
    Cellars /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Cellars
    Configuration     /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Config
    Run Log /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Log
    Templates /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Config/Templates
  • Windows ( The Uncorked Cellar for Windows 2021 or later )
    Program* c:/Program Files/Uncork
    Cellar Backups     c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Backups
    Cellars c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Cellars
    Templates c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Templates
    Configuration     c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Config
    Run Log c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Logs
  • Windows ( The Uncorked Cellar for Windows 2020 or earlier )
    Program* c:/Program Files/Uncork
    Cellar Backups     c:/Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Backups
    Cellars c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork/Cellars
    Templates c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork/Templates
    Configuration     c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork/Config
    Run Log c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork
  • Existing cellars remain intact when you re-install the program
  • If you are running a 64 bit version of Windows the program will be installed in c:/Program Files (x86)/Uncork
  • The default folder for versions 2006 or earlier was c:/Uncorked
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