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Compare Wine Barcode Readers



USB Barcode reader

The USB scanner is the simplest and cheapest - you just plug in and go. The only downside is that you have to bring every bottle to the computer when you are adding or uncorking wines. In reality, you have to have the bottle at the computer anyway when adding so you can enter the vintage - most wine UPC codes are the same for every vintage of that wine - so it is only when uncorking or doing an inventory check (or if you hate wires on the desk) that wireless scanners become your scanner of choice

   Barcode Reader



Laser Wireless Barcode Reader

Really the ultimate barcode reader - much like the handheld scanners you see at retail checkouts. It has rechargeable batteries - so charge before use, then you can put the lead away.

Unlike the other scanners - where you have to virtually be touching the barcode for the scanner to read - the laser scanner allows you to point at the barcode up to a range of about 13 inches. This makes it faster and definitely easier to use when actually scanning barcoded wine tags or wine UPC barcodes on the bottle.

   Laser Barcode Reader

The bar code wizard in The Uncorked Cellar allows you to add wines using the UPC code on the bottle, or a barcode printed on the wine inventory tag. Those who are already using barcode readers are raving as to the increased efficiency of entering and removing wine.

You can purchase a barcode reader at www.uncork.biz/order_scanner.aspx

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