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Comparing Wine Software

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What are the differences between the versions of The Uncorked Cellar?

  • "The Uncorked Cellar for Windows" or "The Uncorked Cellar for Mac"
    • Everything you need to keep track of your cellar inventory either on a Windows PC or Mac (depending on the platform purchased)
    • Wine guide containing winemaker notes, retail value of the most recent vintage and the winemaker's estimate of when each vintage will reach it's peak
    • Barcodes for over 100,000 wines
      • Scan the barcode on the bottle to display the most recent vintage of that wine, then select the appropriate vintage.
    • Web Cellars to view your cellar via the internet - either on another PC or your mobile device. You must be a current subscriber to access this service.
    • Much less typing when adding wines
      1. select the country,
      2. type a few letters of the winery name, then
      3. click on the wine and
      4. click on the up-down arrow next to the vintage field to select the vintage.

    • Notes, estimated peak, value etc are automatically displayed for you ready to add that wine to your cellar so it provides MUCH easier and faster wine selection than other products.
    • Use with a barcode reader is even easier - select the country then scan the UPC code on the bottle.
  • "Silver" adds a two year Global Wine Stocks, plus a subscription to all updates and feature improvements this calendar year and next.
    • The values in our database are based on the retail price of the most recent vintage of wine as provided by winemakers.
    • Global Wine Stocks provides consensus wine ratings from over 20 wine critics. (see globalwinestocks.com for more info on their services)
  • "Gold Package" includes
    • Subscription to all updates and feature improvements this calendar year and next
    • 10x12 Pack of printable tags
    • USB CCD Scanner
    • FREE Hygro-thermometer
  • "Platinum Package" includes
    • Subscription to all updates and feature improvements this calendar year and next
    • 25x12 Pack of printable tags
    • Wireless (Bluetooth) LASER Scanner
    • FREE Hygro-thermometer
  • Adding a Global Wine Stocks subscription (to Full Mode or above) provides an integration with Global Wine Stocks for the following

    • Consensus wine critic ratings
      • View a Consensus rating graph for selected wines - collated ratings from 16 wine critics
    • Label Images

The most popular versions are "Gold" and "Platinum" Mode - as these provide discounted subscription rates.

Purchase The Uncorked Cellar now or download the free wine cellar software trial