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Superior (wine) cellar management and wine information application

Written by: Dan Vlasic at www.download3k.com


The Uncorked Cellar is a superior wine cellar management and wine information application. It allows you to capture, maintain and display your wine database with all relevant information. You will be able to see which wines are ready to be served, and which require more aging.

In addition, Uncorked offers seamless navigation through wine inventory of international shops, compare prices, see manufacturer information and a lot more.


Uncorked Cellar installs politely; the package does not include any third-party software or bundles and toolbars. You need to go through the typical destination folder and desktop icon checkboxes, and the process is over before you know it. The only thing worth noting is by default the app may want to install itself in your C: drive instead of Program Files directory, so just keep an eye open for that detail.

The application launches with a sample wine cellar loading, which takes a few seconds only. Sample cellar is imperative for the program evaluation, and you have 14 days to enjoy the perks of a free trial version, so go ahead and download the installer.


The first thing that happens after the sample cellar has been generated is the Help file automatic launch. This might be quite a useful introduction for the program first-timers. As usually, the help file gives you a heads-up with the introductory how-to’s and tips and tricks of the software.

The interface is extremely detailed, yet clear and easy to navigate. You will not see modern 3D graphics, and the looks are somewhat reminiscent of Windows XP, but with a complex database as this one you would not pay attention to graphics.

The GUI layout focuses your attention on four main tabs: add wine to cellar, sample cellar, maps and vintage ratings and preferences. You have a built-in browser to work with wine related searches and a large number of search engines and worldwide databases to browse.


It is probably easier to say what Uncorked does not do rather than enumerate numerous features, but I’ll try to make a brief point here – the software is awesome for the right people.

In terms of cellar management, Uncorked offers:

  • Wine guide with notes, values and guidelines with over 816.000 wines;
  • Consensus Wine Ratings for Global Wine Stocks subscribers;
  • Possibility to save database locally or on your server;
  • Possibility to scan UPC barcode on the bottles to instantly view detailed information about the wine;
  • Have the up-to-date data concerning when each of the wine bottles in your cellar is best to drink;
  • Estimate the price of your wine based on: purchase price, your valuation, retail valuation, the market price;
  • Possibility to preview winery websites;
  • Possibility to track each bottle in your cellar using tags, uncork a bottle with a barcode reader;
  • Numerous user-defined fields for additional information;
  • Possibility to manage multiple cellars;
  • Display graph contents according to the value, vintage, peak, wine variety, timeline and maturity among other things.


Despite the fact that the interface is literally packed with information, it is very easy to navigate and sort things out. Comprehensive list of features answers all concerns a wine cellar owner or manager might have.

In addition, you can easily get access to various tasting notes from reference database, as well as peak aging recommendations, value estimates, or browse winery locations.

The database includes over 100.000 UPC barcodes all over the world.

Moreover, you can protect your inventory by passwords, as well as restrict it to your PC alone. Alternatively, you can save your database to Uncork's web server and keep backups only on your PC. This means your data is saved in the cloud and will be available at www.iUncork.com. You can login there either on desktop or from any mobile device to view your cellar.

You can also manage multiple wine cellars, map every bottle using Virtual Rack, view multiple racks and track location of every bottle. Racks are customizable in shape and size.


GUI could use a little of modern touch in visuals.


While the price may seem somewhat expensive for software, but wine professionals and amateurs would know the real value of a comprehensive pack as this one. Uncorked covers wine information, bottle tracking, best values and maturity suggestions and a lot more. The app makes navigating and managing your multiple cellars a seamless task, so we certainly recommend you give this pack a try.

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