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(The) Uncorked Cellar is an easy-to-use wine database that can help you to organize your wines ...

Written by www.zdnet.com

"Congratulations on a 5-star rating. You've done an outstanding job compiling a list of not only wineries, but wines and wine ratings as well.........

(The) Uncorked Cellar is an easy-to-use wine database that can help you to organize your wines, educate you, and possibly create a broader interest in wines of the world.

You can keep multiple cellar files with all the details about your wines, including wineries, labels, vintage, costs, varietals, regions, and tasting notes. Enter data by clicking on picklists, scroll bars, and radio buttons to choose from the extensive collection of Australian, New Zealand, French, English, Canadian, and U.S. wineries. Alphabetized lists let you research producers and see their recent releases, with details about pricing and more.

A summary for many entries describes the wine, and an address pane helps you to contact the producers. The multipaned window lets you see your holdings and search quickly by autofill entry. There are regional maps of wine growing regions, reports of cellar quantities and value, lots of note space, and a colorful maturity graph.

Reports track cellar contents, value, consumption, and balance.

The online help tells you how to use the program and how to care for and enjoy your wines." ... "ZDNet's Software Library"

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