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The Uncorked Cellar - 2015

Build 201508190

Wine Information

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The 2015 mid-year release of The Uncorked Cellar lists.....

  • Over 34,900 wineries
  • Over 162,000 wines
  • Over 888,000 vintages of those wines
Country     Wineries     Wines     Vintages    
England & Wales222479806
New Zealand1141533223873
South Africa686471323761

To add to the wines we already list, please contribute information about wines in your cellar by using the menu command "Tools, Add to the Uncork Database".

( See also current wine information )

New features for the 2015 version

  • Tags and Racks
    1. New tool to remove a selected range of tags without actually uncorking the bottle
      • (Tools, Remove Rack or Tag.... )
    2. New tool to clear a selected range of column/row locations from a rack or all racks
      • allows you to quickly re-organize a section of your rack
      • (Tools, Remove Rack or Tag.... )
    3. Show and potentially change "Next Printable Tag To Print"
      • (Tools, Options, Tags and Racks)
    4. New report showing a summary of allocated and available rack locations for every rack in your cellar
      • Tags And Racks, Rack Summary
    5. New report to pre-print blank tags (with a tag number and barcode)
      • (Cellar, Print Blank Tags )
    6. New Option to save default printer pagesize and page orientation when printing non standard tags or labels

  • Display
    1. Auto switch to search tab on cellar or add-wine page after pressing the appropriate search button on the main search page
    2. New Hints added to most fields on the Add-Wine and Cellar pages (The Uncorked Cellar for Mac only)
      • Hover your mouse over a button or field
    3. New optional field on Cellar and Add-Wine pages to display the wine type as a text string (in addition to) the small bottles at the top-left of the page
      • Click on one of the underlined option fields and select "Wine Type"
    4. New prompt to confirm the change if you are changing the winery name when editing a record
      • Avoids accidentally changing a winery name by scrolling the mouse wheel after changing a wine in the Tag Wizard
    5. Auto-complete fields on Cellar and Add-Wine pages replacing the dropdown boxes
      • This provides a much cleaner display and easier entry selection than the (extremely long) dropdowns
      • To use the new auto-complete functionality,
        • Click on a field and type the first few letters of a word.
        • Press the Enter key on your keyboard to select a highlit word.
    6. Varietal auto-complete list limited to single varietals
      • Type a few charecters to select a varietal then press the Enter key on your keyboard to select that varietal
      • Repeat the process by typing a few characters of the next varietal when entering multi-varietal blends
      • Click on a matching wine in the lower half of the screen at any time to select it

  • Wine Web Search
    1. CellarTracker added to list of selectable wine search sites

  • Other improvements
    1. New tool to view a selected wine in your browser
        Cellar, View, Selected Wine In Browser
    2. Optionally save a backup CSV as it stands AFTER your most recent changes
        Tools, Options, Backups
    3. Many performance improvements

The mid-year release also addresses issues raised since the initial 2015 release.

Areas affected since the initial 2015 release include

  • Revert to the drop-down boxes on most fields - other than the Varietal field on the add-wine page, where it makes more sense to use an auto-complete field
  • New popup warning if a corrupted record is detected when you open a cellar
  • New checksum on upload and download of Web Cellars to detect and avoid internet communication errors
  • Faster sync of small changes made to Web Cellars
  • New compact wine log (as displayed on the cellar page) now 1 line per change
  • Fix problems seen when printing tags (Printing Merit field, layout problem when specified in inches)
  • Provide default (report) columns and Report Type if none exist
  • Fix problem displaying wines from the secondary look up cellar under "Tools, Options, Adding Wine"
  • Fix display problem when changing graph types
  • Display performance improvements
  • Improved Global Wine Stocks price matching
  • Over 23,000 new wine vintages - see current wine information

iPhone, iPad and Android access

  • A reminder that current year subscribers can save your cellar as a Web Cellar, then view via any mobile device
  • The mobile web app provides full cellar management including virtual rack and tag allocation
  • Online wine search to show wine information either from your cellar or the Uncork database
    • Create a web cellar account via the menu command "Cellar, Web Cellar" or log in with your email address and registration key.
    • Log in with your mobile device at www.iUncork.com
      • Make sure you have closed The Uncorked Cellar before logging in to at www.iUncork.com - The Uncorked Cellar opens a session so it can update your web cellar.
      • Similarly, dont just close your browser - press "Logout" first



The default folders for first time installation are...
  • Windows Vista or later
    • Program c:\Program Files\Uncork
      • If you are running a 64 bit version of Windows the program will be installed in c:\Program Files (x86)\Uncork
    • Cellars c:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Uncork\Cellars
    • Ini file c:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Uncork\Config
    • Run Log c:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Uncork
  • Windows XP or earlier
    • Program c:\Program Files\Uncork
    • Cellars c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Uncork\Cellars
    • Ini file c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Uncork\Config
    • Run Log c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Uncork

Existing cellars remain intact when you re-install the program

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