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Build 201706130 ( See also current wine information )

New features and improvements in The Uncorked Cellar - 2017

  • Cellar
    • New multi-select capability on cellar page (shift-click to select a range of records) and new popup menu to ...
      • Print bottle tags for the selected records
      • Delete selected records
      • (Windows) Copy selected records to the clipboard
    • Menu command to Sort your cellar moved from under the "Tools" menu
    • New Multiple-Field Sorting saved so you can easily repeat later via the menu menu command "Sort, Re-Sort..."
      • Add favourite sorts to this list by ticking the box on the Multiple Field Sort dialog
    • Faster display - especially after selecting the wine type via pressing one of the small bottles on the upper left of the page, or entering any other field specific information
    • Much faster Cellar Restore from backup CSV files
    • Faster Web Cellar upload/sync after you have made multiple changes to your cellar

  • Graphs
    • Much faster display of graph contents - especially for larger cellars

  • Display
    • Use the tab key when on the cellar and add-wine pages to easily navigate between fields
    • (Mac) style changes (blue drop-downs and up/down arrows) on the Add-Wine and Cellar pages plus the Rack & Tag wizard
    • Clear the Add-Wine page after adding wines (Tools, Options, Adding Wine, Clear all fields...)
    • Add-Wine and Cellar pages both start with their respective search tabs open
    • Faster display of wines in your cellar.

  • Tag and Rack Wizard
    • Highlight empty locations enabled when viewing two racks
    • Faster display of racks - especially for larger cellars
    • (Mac) Allow manual Tag Number, Rack Name, Rack Column and Rack Row entry
    • Check for (manually entered) duplicate tag numbers WITHIN the displayed record

  • Reports/Printing
    • Faster generation of tag printing reports
    • New "Sort by Tag Number" option for tag printing reports

  • Other improvements
    • Direct link to "Contact Uncork" details from the main help menu
    • Over 23,000 new wine vintages
  • Mid Year release
    • The mid-year release is the major wine information release for 2017 and adds more than 23,000 new wine vintages.
    • The mid-year release also addresses issues raised since the initial 2017 release. The major areas affected include
      • Auto resize cellar page columns on startup
      • Display and searching for wines on the cellar page
      • Display of wine region if Country not selected
      • Display speed on the Add-Wine page when an alternate (non current) cellar was selected for additional wine information display
      • Menu and Tag reports
      • New button on the "Sort" popup to clear previous sort fields
      • New Rack Wizard close default - now saves changes when closing (ie: via the red X) UNLESS "Cancel" is clicked
      • New Rack Wizard tool to check for possible (manually entered) multiple bottles with identical locations
      • Re-sorting wines in your cellar
      • Tag matching when directly searched via the tag field on the cellar page
      • Web Search Results and Winery Web Preview links now access results via an indirect link to Uncork.biz
        • Many winery websites and wine search sites have changed to secure (https) websites, precluding use of a direct link
        • Windows: Links to winery websites and wine search results now launch your browser instead of displaying in an embedded browser.
      • Wine Clipboard viewing

iPhone, iPad and Android access

  • Current year subscribers can save your cellar as a Web Cellar, then view via any mobile device
  • The mobile web app provides full cellar management including virtual rack and tag allocation
  • Online wine search to show wine information either from your cellar or the Uncork database
    • Create a web cellar account via the menu command "Cellar, Web Cellar" or log in with your email address and registration key.
    • Log in with your mobile device at www.iUncork.com
      • Make sure you have closed The Uncorked Cellar before logging in to at www.iUncork.com - The Uncorked Cellar opens a session so it can update your web cellar.
      • Similarly, dont just close your browser - press "Logout" first


Wine Information

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  • Over 35,000 wineries
  • Over 165,000 wines
  • Over 950,000 vintages of those wines
Country     Wineries     Wines     Vintages    
England & Wales2244911008
New Zealand1164537726963
South Africa705464925764

To add to the wines we already list, please contribute information about wines in your cellar by using the menu command "Tools, Add to the Uncork Database".


The default folders are...
  • Apple Mac
    Program /Appplications/Uncork.app
    Cellars /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Cellars
    Configuration     /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Config
    Run Log /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Log
    Templates /Users/[user]/Documents/Uncork/Config/Templates
  • Windows Vista or later
    Program* c:/Program Files/Uncork
    Cellars c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork/Cellars
    Templates c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork/Templates
    Configuration     c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork/Config
    Run Log c:/Users/[user]/AppData/Roaming/Uncork
  • Windows XP or earlier
    Program* c:/Program Files/Uncork
    Cellars c:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Uncork/Cellars
    Configuration     c:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Uncork/Config
    Run Log c:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Uncork
    Templates c:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Uncork/Templates
  • Existing cellars remain intact when you re-install the program
  • If you are running a 64 bit version of Windows the program will be installed in c:/Program Files (x86)
  • The default folder for versions 2006 or earlier was c:/Uncorked
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